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Shaquille O'Neal once found David Beckham's wallet while walking around Beverly Hills and 'revealed' what was inside

Shaquille O'Neal once found David Beckham's wallet while walking around Beverly Hills and 'revealed' what was inside

He revealed what was inside.

David Beckham is one of the most recognisable and iconic people in the world and knows plenty of the globe's stars as a result.

Making his name on the football pitch through his time at Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain and of course England, since hanging up his boots a decade ago, Beckham has endured as one the biggest names in the world.

He co-owns both League Two side Salford City and MLS outfit Inter Miami, the latter of whom he is also the president of.

Of course, Beckham is also married to former Spice Girl Victoria, and they have become one of the most famous couples in the world.

And with his fame and profile, particularly in the USA, Beckham has rubbed shoulders with the great and the good, including one of basketball's GOATs in the form of Shaquille O'Neal.

A funny story was once told by O'Neal about Beckham losing his wallet in Beverly Hills. It just so happened that O'Neal was the one to discover it.

Speaking last year on the Late Late Show with James Corden, O'Neal revealed what he normally does when he discovers wallets, plus how he approached Beckham with the news he had found his.

Shaquille O'Neal and David Beckham. (

O'Neal said: "I was walking one day in Beverly Hills and I found a wallet.

"Usually when I find wallets I just take all the money out and I just throw them, but this was a nice wallet.

"So I look and it said David Beckham. I was like 'it can't be', and I looked at the ID and it was David Beckham.

"I didn't want to just give it to the front desk, so I tracked him down.

"First I played a joke, I was like 'I have your wallet, it's going to cost you a million dollars to get it back' but he knew it was me!

"'Shaq, stop playing'. I was like 'Dave, I found your wallet'"

He later added, with a wry smile: "The funny thing is he said 'there was some money in this wallet, you know what happened' and I was like 'nope'."

It just so happened that next to O'Neal on the sofa as he recounted this story was Beckham's wife, Victoria.

So if O'Neal ever finds your wallet, don't expect to see any money in it again.

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