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Man Utd fans plan protests to make it clear they don't want Mason Greenwood return

Man Utd fans plan protests to make it clear they don't want Mason Greenwood return

A group of Manchester United fans are planning to protest against Mason Greenwood's reintegration into the first-team squad.

A group of Manchester United fans are planning a series of protests against Mason Greenwood's possible reintegration into the first-team squad.

The 21-year-old forward remains suspended by the Premier League club and has not trained with the first team, or been available to play, since he was first arrested in January 2022.

All charges against him were dropped at the start of February after key witnesses withdrew their involvement in the case and new material came to light during the police investigation.

Greenwood had been charged with attempted rape, engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour and assault.

A decision on whether Greenwood will play for Manchester United this season is expected to come very shortly following an internal investigation into his conduct.

Meanwhile, a number of protesters, who are regular match-goers, will make their voices heard on Monday ahead of their opening game of the season against Wolves.

Image credit: Twitter/@FFAGR2023
Image credit: Twitter/@FFAGR2023

They intend to gather at the Holy Trinity statue outside Old Trafford before kick-off and will hold a banner that reads: “Female Fans Demand No Greenwood Return – End Violence Against Women.”

Speaking to The Athletic on condition of anonymity due to fears of being targeted by Greenwood’s supporters, one of the organisers said: "It’s time for the club to stand up and make the right decision.

"It’s time to say, ‘We have high standards at United about how we expect players to conduct themselves and, if you do not meet those standards, you need to be moved out.’

“This is a tipping point for the club. Are they going to side with commercialism and trophies and money? Or are they going to take the side of match-going fans and the club being a social and community institution that we can be proud of, and proud to have as part of our identity?”

In a statement on their Twitter page Female Fans Against Greenwood's Return, the group also made their feelings clear about the situation.

A women behind the banner added: “One thing I’ve been really proud about is how united the match-going fanbase has been on this issue.

“There is potentially a bit of a divide with the online fanbase, who have been more supportive of Greenwood. But there seems to be genuine unity among the match-going fans. The nature of the audio means people have been really unified in being outraged and disgusted by it.”

She continued: “As female fans, we have always been slightly marginalised. Sometimes your voice is ignored and you don’t get taken as seriously as others. On an issue like this, it feels like an attack on all of us. We have to be hopeful the club do the right thing because, if Greenwood did come back, it would be serious enough to make many fans re-evaluate their relationship with the club.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty - Twitter/@FFAGR2023

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