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Alan Shearer says two Man Utd stars ‘would do my nut in’ if he was playing for them

Alan Shearer says two Man Utd stars ‘would do my nut in’ if he was playing for them

Alan Shearer has criticised two Manchester United stars for their bad habit.

Alan Shearer has named two Manchester United players that would do his ‘nut in’ if he was playing for them.

Shearer is often regarded as one of the finest strikers of his generation after scoring a record total of 260 goals in the Premier League.

Throughout his career, the 53-year-old played for the likes of Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and hometown club Newcastle United.

Since retiring, the former England international has been working as a pundit, often appearing on BBC.

Speaking on a recent episode of The Rest Is Football podcast, Shearer picked out two United players who he said would ‘do his nut in’ if he played with them.

When asked what his biggest pet hate is, he said: “Wingers cutting inside on their other foot and having a shot and not crossing it.

“That would do my nut in playing for Man Utd with those two, Antony and Garnacho, who keep doing that all the time.”

Previously speaking on Match of the Day, Shearer had already criticised Brazilian winger Antony.

He said: “On the right-hand side you've got Antony, he would do my nut in playing with him because you know 99.9 per cent of the time he's coming inside on that left foot.

“Not only do the defenders know, so they can then set themselves.”


Shearer continued: “On the odd occasion if he did go down on the right-hand side it might make it a little bit more difficult, but for a centre-forward, it doesn't half make it very difficult when he's doing that.”

Speaking about his pet hate, former Manchester City defender Micah Richards said: “When midfielders have the chance to play forward, but play backwards just to keep their pass completion up.”

Meanwhile, host Gary Lineker added: “I think mine is the squealing when players get slightly touched on their ankle and they go down like they've been shot by a sniper.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Getty

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