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Ex-Man Utd teammate hits out at Gary Neville for claim about significant moment in club's history

Ex-Man Utd teammate hits out at Gary Neville for claim about significant moment in club's history

He has been accused of lying.

Gary Neville has been accused by a former teammate of misremembering how the Stone Roses’ ‘This Is The One’ was adopted as the Manchester United anthem.

This week, Neville explained that he was central to United opting to adopt the Stone Roses song as their club anthem - a story which Old Trafford announcer Alan Keegan then corroborated.

But Brian McClair has come out and claimed that Neville had less influence in the club selecting the Roses tune than the Sky Sports pundit believes.

Appearing in a new Adidas promotion for United, Neville said: "When the manager made me captain and I knew I’d be leading the team out, I wanted a new song.

“I wanted us to come out to a song from Manchester. I just loved 'This Is the One.' It felt to me like Old Trafford was the place where it all happened, and I'd heard enough about Oasis, for years.

"Manchester has got a better band than Oasis. The Stone Roses had a massive impact on the city.

“The song has stood the test of time, but United help keep it alive every single week.

“When I’m up there now on the TV gantry and John Squire's guitar starts to play, that moment still gives me goosebumps. If you’re a United fan and you hear that song starting, you know it’s time for the match to start."

However, McClair, who played for United between 1987 and 1998, denied Neville’s story about how the club anthem came to be selected.

He wrote on X, formally Twitter: "A figment of Alan and Gary’s fertile imagination!

“Fergie wasn’t happy with Tina Turner, he wanted 'Walk Away' by Matt Monroe, when I laughed at this, he stormed off and suggested I pick a tune (not his exact words!) I chose the Roses man!"

McClair has relayed that exact story on his 'Life With Brian' podcast in the past, with the Scot dubbing the decision as "the best thing" he had ever accomplished in his career.

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