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Man Utd have already lined up their next captain after Bruno Fernandes as surprise contender emerges

Man Utd have already lined up their next captain after Bruno Fernandes as surprise contender emerges

A big call from Manchester United.

Manchester United have made a bold decision as the club have already chosen their ideal replacement for Bruno Fernandes as club captain.

United are set to go through a significant period of evolution this summer and beyond, with the club now finally out of the total control of the Glazer family.

Since the investment from Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the billionaire has made no secret of his desire to completely build United back from the ground up and has already made significant off-field changes in the boardroom.

The appointment of Omar Berrada as CEO from Man City was the first major statement from Ratcliffe who has insisted they have 'a lot to learn' from their noisy neighbours.

While a lot of the focus has been off the pitch changes, the club have reportedly made a big call over a potential new club captain.

The Manchester Evening News has reported that the club is seriously considering Diogo Dalot as a potential successor to current captain Bruno Fernandes.

Fernandes has often received criticism over his role as captain, with Micah Richards slamming the Portugal star following defeat at Spurs last season.

"It's every time. I saw an interview with him the other day and he said he needs to be emotional when he performs because it makes him play better," he explained.

"But I feel like his body language on the pitch is disturbing the rest of the team and it's just not a good look at all. It's pathetic at times."

However, Bruno played a major role in captaining United to the FA Cup last campaign and silenced a lot of his critics with his performances when it mattered most.

Bruno Fernandes- Getty
Bruno Fernandes- Getty

Fernandes' potential heir has also had an extremely successful season, putting in top-class performances at both left and right back.

His consistency and versatility earned him the 'Players Player of the Year award' which in fairness is exactly the type of recognition you'd want your future captain getting.

Speaking via the Manchester United website, Dalot said: "For me, it’s even more special [than the main award]. I have a lot of consideration for the fans; they are a big part of me and the biggest part of this club.

"But my teammates are the ones who see each other every single day. We have to come here and we still have to fight, and we still have to share these moments when things are not going well, and when the things are going well.

"This, ultimately, is my second family and this recognition by your team-mates, I think it’s really special because they see you every day, they know the work that you put in behind the scenes," he added.

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