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Football finance expert predicts outcome for Man City's trial over 115 alleged FFP rule breaches

Football finance expert predicts outcome for Man City's trial over 115 alleged FFP rule breaches

Manchester City insist they are innocent of the charges placed against them.

A football finance expert has predicted the outcome for Manchester City's trial over 115 alleged FFP rule breaches, saying the case could last "years and years".

The backdrop to City's title challenge this season has involved the charges brought against them relating to alleged breaches of the Premier League's profit and sustainability rules.

These charges relate to the time period between 2009 and 2018, with the Manchester-based club strenuously denying the allegations made relating to financial irregularity.

In terms of when and where, the legal trial between Manchester City and the Premier League is reportedly set to get underway in late Autumn, with the trial being heard in private.

The discussion around City's trial has been a huge talking point for months and back in March, football finance expert Rob Wilson predicted that City will attempt to drag the case out for a long period.

He also explained how it could become "financially too risky" for the Premier League to continue proceedings.

"I think we will get the first sight of Manchester City’s legal proceedings in the autumn, but that will be when the case starts, not when it finishes," he told Grosvenor Sport.

"Manchester City are richer than the Premier League and therefore will buy the best lawyers and the best accountants to try and get them out of this situation. It will probably last years and years and years if indeed it ever gets resolved.

"Manchester City will wrap the Premier League up in so much litigation that it will just become boring and laborious and I think it will fizzle out. That's the kind of travesty with it when you take Everton, Forest and potentially Leicester they are single breaches being dealt with quite quickly."

Image credit: Getty
Image credit: Getty

Wilson added at the time: "You need to multiply that by 115. If it takes three months to do one charge, you know, just 115 multiplied by three and you start to get a sense of the scale of what's going on. The Nottingham Forest verdict report was 25,000 words so 25,000 words multiplied by 115, that's a lot of writing and a lot of paperwork to get through.

"I think ultimately that's why it's taken so long. It looks like we might never reach a conclusion just by the scale of it.

"It could become financially too risky for the Premier League to continue. If we boil 115 charges down there are probably 30 to 35 that are really serious relating to overspending. I wouldn't be surprised if they start to resolve some of the other charges that are on the outskirts of the main case."

Image credit: Getty
Image credit: Getty

When asked to make a prediction on how the matter will be resolved, Wilson concluded: "There is technically no limit to the punishment Manchester City could face, they could look to Saracens in rugby union and see 30 points and an immediate relegation.

"However, I cannot envisage the Premier League winning a case against Man City that would relegate them, they might agree on a 20-point deduction and could still end up qualifying for the Champions League."

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