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Ian Wright speaks out on Man City's 115 FFP charges after they beat Arsenal to Premier League title

Ian Wright speaks out on Man City's 115 FFP charges after they beat Arsenal to Premier League title

Ian Wright addressed the elephant in the room.

Ian Wright has spoken out about the financial charges Manchester City face after their won the Premier League title.

On Sunday Man City beat West Ham 3-1 to become the first club in English football history to win four top flight titles in succession.

This season Pep Guardiola's side did not quite reach the extraordinary levels that enabled them to win the treble last year, but they still went 23 weeks unbeaten to overtake Arsenal and successfully defend their crown.

City have now won six of the last eight Premier League titles and are up their with the greatest club sides in history.

However, the 115 charges the Premier League brought against City last year have case somewhat of a shadow over their historic achievement.

In February 2023 the Premier League charged City with 115 breaches of its financial rules during a time period spanning nine seasons between 2009 and 2018.

Among other things, City stand accused of artificially inflating sponsorship income and providing inaccurate information regarding payments to former manager Roberto Mancini.

That said, Ian Wright - whose former club Arsenal were pipped to the title on the final day despite beating Everton 2-1 - believes the charges should't detract from what City's players have achieved.

"I think it's unfair, the uncertainty that comes around. It's unfair on the legacy that these players are building," Wright said during his final appearance on BBC Match of the Day on Sunday.

"In that treble documentary, you watch them, and the drive and determination to try and do what they've done is unbelievable. It's unfair that they've got all of this [charges] wrapped around them.

"So the sooner they can get that resolved, the better for this team."

When asked by Gary Lineker whether or not the charges detracts from City's success, Alan Shearer replied: "Not for these players, no. It's not their fault, they just go out and they've got to perform on the football pitch.

"The club will have to answer the charges but the players have been superb, you can't take anything away from what they've achieved."

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