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Player who was banned for 10 years for getting booked deliberately reveals the punishment Lucas Paqueta should receive

Player who was banned for 10 years for getting booked deliberately reveals the punishment Lucas Paqueta should receive

West Ham United star Lucas Paqueta has been charged by the Football Association.

A player who was banned for 10 years after getting booked deliberately has revealed the punishment Lucas Paqueta should get.

Last month, a statement from the English Football Association confirmed that West Ham United star Paqueta had been charged.

The statement said: “The player has been charged with four breaches of FA Rule E5.1 in relation to his conduct in the club’s Premier League fixtures against Leicester City on 12 November 2022; Aston Villa on 12 March 2023; Leeds United on 21 May 2023; and AFC Bournemouth on 12 August 2023.

“It’s alleged that he directly sought to influence the progress, conduct, or any other aspect of, or occurrence in these matches by intentionally seeking to receive a card from the referee for the improper purpose of affecting the betting market in order for one or more persons to profit from betting. He has also been charged with two breaches of FA Rule F3 in respect of alleged failures to comply pursuant to FA Rule F2.”

Kynan Isaac, who was banned for 10 years by the FA after being ruled to have deliberately got himself booked during an FA Cup match, told The Atheltic about what kind of punishment Paqueta should receive.,

He said: “You can’t give me a 10-year ban for one charge and then expect me to say nothing if someone with four of the same charges receives a lesser sentence. How could you justify that? It would be impossible to justify that.

“We’ll see what they give him, if he’s found guilty, and then we’ll go from there. It will be very interesting to see if they keep up with the guidelines they have now set. I’ve done it one time and got 10 years. It’s basic maths, he should get 40 years and not play football again. But do I see it happening? Probably not.”


Isaac, who is adamant that he is innocent, added: “It will be interesting to see what happens. I’m not wishing him to be banned, but if you’ve banned me for 10 years for one charge, they’ve now set the precedent and surely have to carry on with the same guidelines.

“They’ve made a rod for their own back. One charge is 10 years, so four should be 40. I’ve seen some of the yellows (Paqueta got), they are ridiculous. He’ll foul someone, get up, chase after someone else, foul him, then make another foul just to make sure he gets booked. It’s a no-brainer.”

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