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Why VAR won't be used in Liverpool vs Fulham as Carabao Cup decision made

Why VAR won't be used in Liverpool vs Fulham as Carabao Cup decision made

A decision has been made.

It has been confirmed that VAR will not be in operation for this week's Carabao Cup semi-finals between Liverpool and Fulham as well as Middlesborough vs Chelsea.

The decision comes as VAR continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Joao Gomes' red cards in the FA Cup causing outrage on social media.

However, not all FA Cup games have used VAR this weekend, most notably Sunderland vs Newcastle where fans praised the lack of intervention which allowed a physical high-intensity derby.

There has been no use of VAR in the Carabao Cup up to this stage, and that will continue until the final on the 25th of February.

The semi-final decision was based on the fact Middlesborough would not be able to use VAR at their stadium due to their current Championship status.

The use of VAR in the return leg at Stamford Bridge would create a significant lack of consistency within the tie.

Interestingly the decision carries over to Liverpool and Fulham despite both clubs having the option for VAR at their stadiums.

An EFL statement read: “Given the system is not installed at one of the participating semi-finalist Clubs and to maintain fairness and consistency, VAR technology will not be used in the Carabao Cup semi-final stage this season.

Liverpool Fulham tackle- Getty
Liverpool Fulham tackle- Getty

"This is in line with previous rounds of this season’s competition when at some grounds, but not all, VAR has been available," the statement added.

An EFL spokesperson shed more light on the decision: "The FA took a different approach, but we felt this was the way to go.

"If it couldn’t be used in one of the games it won’t be used in any of the four semi-final legs.

"It was decided it was fairer to not use it in any of the four semi-final games as a result."

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