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Gary Lineker admits he was sued by former Liverpool star in 2005 and the pair haven't spoke since

Gary Lineker admits he was sued by former Liverpool star in 2005 and the pair haven't spoke since

He was sued by the former Liverpool star.

Gary Lineker admitted he was once sued by former Liverpool midfielder Harry Kewell.

Back in 2003, the Match of the Day presenter wrote a article criticising Kewell's high-profile transfer from Leeds to Liverpool.

Indeed, the former Australia international was so upset by the piece, he chose to sue for defamation, with the case making it all the way to London’s High Court in 2005.

Kewell alleged that Lineker launched a "hurtful and humiliating attack" over his transfer, with the article, titled "Kewell move made me feel ashamed of the game", launching a seven-day hearing.

The Australian was determined to move to Liverpool with his agent Bernie Mandic managing negotiations with the Reds himself. Ultimately Kewell moved, with Mandic's company Max Sport sending £2million out of the £5million transfer fee.

Lineker admitted he was uneasy about Mandic’s role, with his column calling for agents to stop acting on behalf of both the player and selling club.

The ex-England international at the time refused to admit libel and claimed fair comment. And speaking on his Rest is Football podcast he described the whole episode as "ludicrous".

"Do you know Harry Kewell sued me? It's been a while ago, I used to write a column and it concerned transfers," Lineker said.

"I was talking about how agents shouldn't be allowed to represent both parties in terms of the football club on both sides and the player himself because of conflict of interest. He sued me over this because I called him naive for that. It was obvious that his agent took the hump.

Kewell moved to Liverpool from Leeds in 2003 (Getty)
Kewell moved to Liverpool from Leeds in 2003 (Getty)

"I was in court for four or five days giving evidence, it was ludicrous and obviously it didn't transpire that he won the case. But I was thinking 'I feel like a criminal, all I've done is call him naive'. It was surreal, so surreal.

"There was a jury! Honestly. It went on and on and I just thought 'this won't happen, it's madness'. It was a waste, nuts. I haven't seen him since."

Kewell sought substantial damages from Lineker and fellow defendants, Sunday Telegraph sports editor Jon Ryan and Telegraph Group Ltd. No verdict was reached in the High Court hearing.

The two sides went on to settle out of court, a month after the original hearing came to an end.

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