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Jamie Carragher labels reporter a 'clown' in furious row over Champions League

Jamie Carragher labels reporter a 'clown' in furious row over Champions League

Jamie Carragher and a reporter had an exchange on social media regarding the Champions League.

Jamie Carragher appeared to label a reporter a clown during a social media row over the Champions League.

This week, the English Premier League took a huge knock in the Champions League as Manchester City and Arsenal were knocked out by Real Madrid and Bayern Munich respectively.

Things were not better in the Europa League as Liverpool and West Ham United were also eliminated.

Speaking on CBS Sports, Carragher, who won the Champions League with Liverpool in 2005 said: “The team that wins the Champions League is not necessarily the best team in Europe.”

Responding to Carragher’s words on social media, ESPN reporter Archie Rhind-Tutt wrote: “This stuff only gets said when a Premier League team doesn’t get to the semi-finals. Otherwise, all is right in the world.”

In response to Rhind-Tutt, Carragher wrote: “Archie thinks the best team always wins a knock out competition (Clown Emoji). It’s been said by me for years including in 2005!”

The exchange continued as Rhind-Tutt hit back with: “Don’t think that’s what I said here… It’s just the wider context of hysteria when Premier League teams don’t do well in Europe. To people outside the UK, it’s not a good look. That’s all.” To which Carragher simply replied with a GIF of Michael Jackson.

Back in 2022, Carragher labelled his 2005 Liverpool team boring. He said: “When I played, we won the Champions League but we didn't play the way the teams play now. We're talking 20 years ago and the game shifts and it moves and in 20 years time we'll see another shift and young new coaches will come with new ideas.

“But it's a breath of fresh air. It's a lot more exciting than the football I played. I remember some of the games I played in Europe, we'd just try and get a 0-0 and be boring and we wouldn't care what the spectacle was like.”

Carragher added: “It was just "get the job done". I don't think football is like that now. Yes, you've still got to get results but there's got to be a spectacle as well. It's got to be exciting.”

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