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German presenter forced to cover his eyes as Scotland fans lift kilt during live TV segment at Euro 2024

German presenter forced to cover his eyes as Scotland fans lift kilt during live TV segment at Euro 2024

The German TV presenter won't be forgetting this interview any time soon.

Warning: This article contains nudity/graphic images.

A German TV presenter was given a nasty surprise by one Scotland fan ahead of their opening fixture of Euro 2024.

Steve Clarke's Scotland side will kickstart the summer tournament with a tough clash against hosts Germany on Friday evening.

The game is set to kick-off at 8pm UK time and will be held at Bayern Munich's home stadium, which has been forced to rename from the Allianz Arena due to a little-known rule.

Both sides are unbeaten in their last two international fixtures, with Scotland securing a win against Gibraltar and a draw to Finland - while Germany beat Greece and were held to 0-0 by Ukraine.

The two sides are joined by Switzerland and Hungary in Group A, with those two sides set to meet in Cologne on Saturday (June 15).

Steffen Schwarzkopf, who was live on Welt at the time, was covering some of the build-up to the fixture in Munich.

The camera eventually pans to a group of jovial Scotland fans having some pre-match fun over a pint or two - before things well and truly escalated.

The Scotland fans could be seen chanting and dancing, while also planting a sticker on the presenter, before one of the members had his kilt lifted to prove he was in fact, a true Scotsman.

The fan in question was actually in a Germany football shirt at the time, so it is unclear who he actually supports. And we thought half-and-half scarves were bad.

After his kilt was lifted up, the presenter was forced to cover his face in embarrassment and then addressed the camera, where he said: "Really, really traditional, I would say. I'm not just talking about their football jerseys, but naturally also about the Scottish skirts, the kilts, that are worn here.

"They are part of it. What is surely also part of it is the beer. But what I also see relatively often - I won't necessarily wear this to the game tomorrow [pointing to the sticker] - what I also see and think is quite pretty is the Germany jersey on top and the Scottish kilt on the bottom."

Wearing a kilt without any underwear is an age-old tradition in Scotland, which originates from the military.

Featured Image Credit: Welt TV

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