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BBC release statement after Gary Lineker accused of 'breaking company rule' during Euro 2024 coverage

BBC release statement after Gary Lineker accused of 'breaking company rule' during Euro 2024 coverage

The statement relates to clothing guidelines put in place by the BBC.

The BBC have released a statement after host Gary Lineker was accused of breaking a rule in relation to clothing while on air at Euro 2024.

Lineker fronted the coverage of England's opening group stage game against Serbia on Sunday evening, which the Three Lions won 1-0.

The 63-year-old was sat alongside Cesc Fabregas, Micah Richards and Rio Ferdinand during the action in Gelsenkirchen.

Some viewers spotted that he appeared to be dressed in a T-shirt and jacket from a Next range which he endorses.

Lineker began the evening wearing a pale green knitted T-shirt before adding a sage green jacket, with some claiming that they bore a resemblance to items from the Next X Gary Lineker range.

However, the presenter did not promote the name of any brand on the programme, nor was the name of any brand on the shirt that he wore.

BBC have guidelines relating to conflict of interest when it comes to the clothing worn by its presenters and pundits, with the guidelines reading: "Presenters or other individuals must not appear on-air wearing clothing or using products or services which they have agreed/been contracted to promote, advertise or endorse or in which they have a specific financial interest."

There has been no official indication as of yet that Lineker did breach these rules. But the accusations have led to the BBC issuing a statement.

In a statement published by PA, the BBC confirmed that it would not directly discuss individuals, but a spokesperson said: "Presenters/contributors provide their own wardrobe and all presenters/contributors are regularly reminded of the guidelines in relation to clothing, even if they are not doing proactive promotional work."

In the past, the BBC have tended to explicitly state whether a presenter or pundit has broken the rules - appearing to indicate that, even if Lineker did breach the guidelines, it did not warrant any action beyond a reminder.

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His son George has also responded to the accusations, writing on Twitter: "Plain T-shirt and never mentioned the brand. Have a day off."

Speaking last year, the elder Lineker revealed that the BBC does not give its contributors a wardrobe budget, and the dress code differs depending on the show.

He added, though, that there are 'a few guidelines' in place.

"On Match of the Day, we got to be casual," he told the Daily Mirror. "Or if we do a big live game, then we've got to wear a suit.

"If it's the FA Cup final or World Cup final, we all have a tie on and dress up.

"For Match of the Day, it's a green screen, so we're restricted with what we can wear.

"We can't wear green or white, we can't wear any pattern because it will strobe, so you basically wear dark blue, light blue or black shirts. There's not a lot of variety you can wear."

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