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Everton potential new owner involved in court battle between Logan Paul's fiancee and Dillon Danis

Everton potential new owner involved in court battle between Logan Paul's fiancee and Dillon Danis

Everton's potential new owner has been subpoenaed by Logan Paul's Danish fiancee Nina Agdal.

Everton's potential new owner is involved in a court battle between Logan Paul's model fiancee and Dillon Danis.

Paul and Danis fought inside the boxing ring in Manchester back in October, with the latter disqualified for attempting a guillotine choke in the sixth round.

The WWE United States champion branded Danis a "dirty human being" afterwards after he relentlessly posted images of his other half Nina Agdal on social media in a bid to get in his head.

It was previously reported that Danis posted 200 images on X, formerly known as Twitter, and Agdal filed a lawsuit seeking $150,000 (£122,000) in defamation.

And according to Martyn Ziegler from The Times, Everton's prospective new owner is being subpoenaed by Agdal.

Josh Wander, American investment firm 777's co-founder, is being accused of taking and sharing “non-consensual explicit photograph” of the Danish supermodel.

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

The report states while Wander isn't being sued, the 31-year-old wants him to testify in the case, alleging that he took the image without her consent in 2012.

It's said she believes his “knowledge is relevant” to the Florida lawsuit and is calling on the court to oblige Wander.

In response, Wander says the claims are gravely untrue” and stressed that he “flatly denies this baseless allegation”.

Danis has claimed that the legal dispute could cost him £325,000 even if he wins, due to fees owed to lawyers and attorneys.

Speaking on a stream with Andrew Tate and Adin Ross, Danis said: "Even if I win the case, right, I still have to pay over $400,000 [£325,000 approx] in attorney fees, lawyers' fees. So it's just bulls***."

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

In September, Agdal was successful in obtaining a restraining order against Danis because of his behaviour.

She and Paul met in May 2022 and got engaged last year.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Logan Paul Instagram

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