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Diogo Dalot 'builds the worst footballer in history' and it's baffled everybody

Diogo Dalot 'builds the worst footballer in history' and it's baffled everybody

Manchester United star Diogo Dalot has had a go at building the perfect footballer.

Diogo Dalot’s selections when asked to build the perfect footballer have got fans talking.

Speaking recently in an interview with Brazil star Neymar, who signed for Saudi Professional League side Al Hilal last summer, Dalot was asked to build his perfect footballer.

The Manchester United full-back had to pick a player for each of the following categories - right foot, left foot, pace, strength, skills and football IQ.

Dalot picked Neymar for the right foot and chose his United teammate Antony for the left foot.

Moving onto pace, the Portuguese named himself and then chose Manchester City star Jack Grealish for strength.

For the final two categories, Dalot chose Neymar again for skills before rounding off with Kai Havertz for football IQ.

Reacting on social media, one fan said: “He just built the worst footballer in history with the right foot of Neymar.”

Another tweeted: “Bro said Antony with chest.”

A third fan added: “Built what we all thought couldn’t exist.”

Someone else wrote: “Nah this is hilarious.”

A fifth commented: “I think he's trying to be sarcastic.”

Another fan said: “HAVERTZ and he didn't even flinch.”

Speaking recently about United, Dalot said: “Last season we had a good year, we finished well with the trophy, fighting for the FA Cup and being in the Champions League spots. It's not an aim for the club, but it's a step forward.

“The standard will always be fighting for the Premier League, the Champions League and all the trophies that we are in. So I think we can be in the right direction to go there. The club hasn't won the Premier League in a lot of years. Eleven years. So the fans have been waiting a long time.”

He added: “This is now, we have to win now. For them it doesn't matter if we won the Carabao Cup last season, in the next one we just have to win two trophies, win the Premier League. Every year you start the Premier League with expectations that you can win it.”

Featured Image Credit: GOAL/Getty

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