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Masked rapper Dide who claims to be a Premier League player reveals even team-mates and manager have no idea it’s him

Masked rapper Dide who claims to be a Premier League player reveals even team-mates and manager have no idea it’s him

Any guesses as to who it could be?

Football rapper Dide says even his current manager and team-mates have no idea about his alter ego.

The anonymous musician shot to stardom last year after his debut single 'Thrill' last year went viral.

But some 15 months after its release, supporters are still left to ponder the real identity of 'Dide' himself.

Speaking to the Daily Star recently, unnamed footballing star admits he is enjoy the pressure away from the pitch.

"I've seen some crazy, crazy suggestions. I mean everyone's entitled to their own opinions, I find it funny really.

"I just go along with it and as long as they're positive comments and positive feedback then it's all good."

Eddie Nketiah, Wilfried Zaha, Reiss Nelson and Sheyi Ojo have all been linked with the real identity of 'Dide' in the past.

It is the latter that has gathered the most speculation, with AI technology matching his voice and the musicians together.

With his team-mates and manager still rumoured to be unaware, Dide admitted he believes less than five people know the real truth behind his rapping skills.

Sheyi Ojo
Sheyi Ojo

"Me and my team are very close-knitted, you know, we all trust each other and have a lot of passion for this and like I said we all believe in the vision, we all believe in the message behind the mask and what the brand represents," he added.

"A lot of people ask me, even family, relatives ask me and the answer's no because this is very important and it kind of goes against the brand if a lot of people found out who's actually behind the mask."

It remains to be seen whether Dide, who has recently releases his newest single 'Mental', remains away from the spotlight and has kept coy on his future plans regarding his identity.

"Initially I was going to do it without the mask actually," DIDE told the Daily Star.

"But then you know what it's like in the English media, a lot of negativity comes with doing things outside of football. "People start thinking that you're not focused on your job and that's completely untrue and I didn't really want to go down that avenue and I wanted it to be authentic."

Featured Image Credit: Rising Ballers/YouTube & DIDE/YouTube