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David Ornstein opens up on his 'rivalry' with Fabrizio Romano

David Ornstein opens up on his 'rivalry' with Fabrizio Romano

David Ornstein was asked if he has a rivalry Fabrizio Romano.

Football journalist David Ornstein has opened up on his 'rivalry' with fellow reporter Fabrizio Romano.

Ornstein and Romano are two of the most well-known football journalists in the world.

They come into their own during the respective transfer windows in January and the summer, delivering the latest bits of news regarding the most high-profile moves.

But does Ornstein view Romano as a rival? Well, he was asked the question during a Q&A for The Athletic.

Ornstein reckons there's a 'healthy rivalry' across the industry, but has an 'enormous amount of respect' for the Italian.

"I get asked this a lot! I think there's healthy rivalry across the industry because everybody is trying to do their best for themselves and their employers," he said. "But there is enormous respect across the board. Fabrizio and so many others are absolutely brilliant at their jobs and we acknowledge that's great for sports journalism and the public.

"Of course there is a desire to be first but it's more important to be right and that should never be compromised. If you can achieve both, bingo!"

The transfer gurus are among the best in the business and while they compete against each other to bring up-to-date news, they respect one another's work.

You can expect them to thrive when the transfer window reopens in the new year.

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Featured Image Credit: The Athletic/Fabrizio Romano

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