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Gary Lineker makes 'wild' Cristiano Ronaldo joke that catches entire BBC studio off guard

Gary Lineker makes 'wild' Cristiano Ronaldo joke that catches entire BBC studio off guard

Cristiano Ronaldo was being massaged by two physios ahead of extra-time when Lineker made the joke.

Gary Lineker made a joke that took some BBC viewers by surprise as Cristiano Ronaldo was being massaged during Friday's quarter-final clash between Portugal and France.

France will take on Spain in the Euro 2024 semi-final after they beat Portugal in a tense penalty shoot-out at the Volksparkstadion, Hamburg,

Theo Hernandez, who has been one of France's standout players this summer, netted the winning penalty for Didier Deschamps' side after substitute Joao Felix missed from 12 yards.

The defeat marks the end of an era for Cristiano Ronaldo, who failed to score at a major tournament for the first time in his career.

Earlier this week, he told Portugal TV station RTP that the tournament in Germany would be his last ever European Championship.

He added: "But I'm not emotional about that. I'm moved by everything that football entails, by the enthusiasm I have for the game, the enthusiasm I see in the fans, having my family here, people's passion.

"It's not about leaving the world of football. What else is there for me to do or win?"

The 39-year-old forward struggled to make an impact throughout Friday's clash against France but still played the full 120 minutes.

In fact, ahead of extra-time, his legs were being massaged by two physios when BBC presenter Gary Lineker saw an opportunity to make a rather lewd joke as millions watched from home.

As you can see in the footage below, pundit Rio Ferdinand made a comment on the situation, saying: "He has two masseuses on his legs there. What's going on there? One on each leg."

Ferdinand's comment brought a few laughs from the studio and moments later, Lineker lightened the mood further by saying: "Thankfully, he hasn't got three."

Here's how fans on social media reacted to the joke.

One said: "I heard it during the game and thought I heard wrong. No way," while another commented: "Haven’t stopped laughing at this since it happened."

A third wrote: "I was furious the entire game and this finally made me chuckle," and a fourth added: "British humour is unmatched."

Earlier this week, Lineker surprised BBC pundit and former Portugal defender Jose Fonte when he asked a question about Cristiano Ronaldo.

Lineker described the former Manchester United forward as the "best No.9 ever" for his movement in the box, and then asked Fonte: "Jose, obviously you know him well, what's it like up close and personal with Ronaldo?"

Fonte, who made 50 appearances for his country, sent the panel into hysterics by replying: "Well that's a very unusual question!"

Lineker then clarified: "I didn't mean it to sound so personal! I meant it as a person. Doesn't he bring his own team with him?"

Image credit: Getty
Image credit: Getty

Fonte replied: "Yes he does. That's why he's one of the best ever. He's so methodical in his approach to his body. So he's always in the best condition to play a football match.

"Apart from that, he's a very relaxed guy who likes to joke, likes to train hard and likes to score goals."

Featured Image Credit: BBC Sport

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