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Eden Hazard explains why being banned for kicking Swansea ballboy was 'perfect' for the former Chelsea star

Eden Hazard explains why being banned for kicking Swansea ballboy was 'perfect' for the former Chelsea star

Hazard has spoken about the infamous incident.

Eden Hazard has admitted that being banned for kicking a ballboy was 'perfect' for him.

There have been plenty of memorable moments since the Premier League began in 1992, but former Chelsea star Eden Hazard kicking a ballboy will forever be one of the most bizarre.

The Belgian winger was sent off during a League Cup semi-final second leg between Chelsea and Swansea in 2013 for kicking ballboy Charlie Morgan.

Morgan, 17 at the time, attempted to shield the ball from Hazard and waste time with Swansea leading 2-0 on aggregate.

Hazard tried to kick the ball from underneath the teenager and was shown a red card for violent conduct.

The Chelsea star was suspended for three games, and with his wife Natacha heavily pregnant at the time, he has revealed he was happy to have some time off.

When asked by former teammate Mikel John Obi on the Obi One Podcast if the incident was bad for him, Hazard replied: "No, not at all because after that game I came back home - saying to myself, 'this guy is just staying on the ball and I just tried to kick the ball', and then I get a red card?

"The funny story is my wife was just pregnant and the baby was coming now - that day. So me? Getting the red card? Three games out? Perfect. That's the reality. Perfect holiday, thank you guys!

Hazard was sent off for kicking the ballboy (

"They're going to think I did it on purpose, but not at all. It's a bit like when you play on the street. Someone is on the ball? 'Hey, give me the ball man'."

Hazard and Morgan reunited last month, with the pair posing for a photo.

On social media, Hazard commented on the photo: "A nice thing about retirement is catching up with old friends. You have come a long way in 11 years my friend."

Morgan runs a vodka company called Au Vodka, which he founded in 2016 with a school friend. In 2022, he was named on the Sunday Times Rich List for 2022.

Hazard left Chelsea for Real Madrid in 2019, and retired last year after an injury-plagued time in Spain.

Featured Image Credit: Sky/Eden Hazard/Obi One Podcast

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