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Football lawmakers could change 'blue card' plan with row brewing over controversial new rule

Football lawmakers could change 'blue card' plan with row brewing over controversial new rule

A new blue card was set to be introduced in professional football as part of trials for sin-bins.

Football lawmakers could reportedly change their plan to introduce a brand new blue card.

Earlier in the month, it was reported that the International Football Association Board has signed off on the introduction of a blue card, which will be part of a trial for sin-bins.

The new protocol will see players removed from the field for 10 minutes if they commit a cynical foul or show dissent towards an official.

The new card is set to be limited to fouls committed during a promising attack plus dissent.

However, since the news went public, it has received a lot of criticism from former players and current managers.

UEFA president Aleksandr Ceferin told the Telegraph that he was opposed to sin-bins, he said: “It’s not football anymore. We will not use them in Uefa competition.

“Ifab has four European members. I don’t think they will do something against the interests of football. And, if they do, then we will deal with it later.”

As a result of the backlash, it has been reported by The Times that IFAB are now under pressure to scale back trials of blue cards and sin-bins.

It has been claimed that some members of IFAB are in favour of having trials of sin-bins for dissent only, instead of cynical fouls too.

IFAB are set to hold their annual meeting at Loch Lomond this weekend, during which the blue cards and sin-bins are for sure going to be a topic of conversation.


Speaking about the idea of blue cards, Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou said: “Adding another [card] one. What is that going to do? The remedy is already there. If it's not being enforced to the level people are satisfied, do that. That's the change. One team being down to 10 men for 10 minutes, you know what that is going to do to our game? It's going to destroy it.

“You'll have one team sitting there trying to waste time for 10 minutes waiting for someone to come back on. Every other game is trying to speed up and declutter, all we are trying to do is go the other way for some bizarre reason.”

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