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Piers Morgan wants Arsenal to sign 'proper striker' to challenge Man City for Premier League title

Piers Morgan wants Arsenal to sign 'proper striker' to challenge Man City for Premier League title

Arsenal should make a January move for the England international, according to Piers Morgan.

Arsenal must sign Ivan Toney if they want to challenge Manchester City for the Premier League title this season, according to Piers Morgan.

Morgan, a die-hard Gunners supporter, explained why Mikel Arteta's side need to make a January move for the Brentford forward during a call with talkSPORT on Monday.

Toney, who is currently suspended from playing until January 2024 after being handed an eight month ban for breaking betting rules, has recently returned to Brentford training.

In fact, manager Thomas Frank confirmed that the Premier League club have a 16-week plan to get Toney ready for playing in January.

But Morgan wants to see Arsenal make a move in the next transfer window.

He said: “I think that in January we have to go and get Ivan Toney or someone like him because we need a proper striker.

“Every Arsenal fan knows this and I think we’ve been kidding ourselves for too long that we can exist without one and the truth is that we can’t.”

When asked how they could fund a potential deal for the England international, Morgan brought up Kai Havertz, who has struggled since arriving from Chelsea in the summer.

“We could sell Kai Havertz and get our £70 million back!" he said.

“People ask me what I would have done and what I’d have done is gone to Napoli and given £150 million for Osimhen and everyone goes ‘that’s nuts’, but we just spent nearly half of that on Havertz who looks like he isn’t anywhere near the standard we need to win the league.

“The thinking, to me, is very small-time thinking. We went and got Declan Rice, brilliant. We have some great players in that team like Saliba was purring again yesterday, Odegaard when he’s on form is fantastic and we’ve really missed Martinelli."

Morgan added: “We’ve got a lot of great players, but if you don’t have a proper striker then you’re not going to win the league. I’m sorry, because Arsenal fans may not want to hear this but it’s the reality, but if we’re serious we’ve got to go out in January and get on.”

Thoughts on Morgan's transfer request? Is Toney the right man to push Arsenal in this season's title race?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Piers Morgan Uncensored - Getty Images

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