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Thierry Henry shares theory on why Jurgen Klopp is really leaving Liverpool that isn't just to do with 'energy'

Thierry Henry shares theory on why Jurgen Klopp is really leaving Liverpool that isn't just to do with 'energy'

Jurgen Klopp will leave Liverpool at the end of the 2023/24 season.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has shared his thoughts on Jurgen Klopp's much-talked-about decision to step down as Liverpool manager at the end of the season.

The 56-year-old, who has lifted the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup during an eight-and-a-half year spell at Anfield, attributed “running out of energy” as a reason behind his impending departure.

"I know that I cannot do the job again and again and again and again," he added.

"After the years we had together and after all the time we spent together and after all the things we went through together, the respect grew for you, the love grew for you and the least I owe you is the truth – and that is the truth."

Klopp's decision to leave Liverpool remains a hot topic of debate, and one of the Premier League's all-time greats, Thierry Henry, has chipped in with his opinion on the matter.

As well as agreeing with Klopp's choice, Henry says the German is stepping down as a result of the relentless nature of the job at Liverpool, and for his own "sanity".

Speaking to CBS Sports, Henry said: “Pep was at Barcelona, took a sabbatical year. Klopp is at Liverpool, is stopping. Xavi is at Barcelona, he is also stopping. Three great clubs.

“That’s a dream job normally and they are stopping. That tells you a story. The pressure, everybody has a voice, social media and whatnot. It is tough to be a manager and no one cares about you. You’re going to have to take care of yourself at one point.

“I understand that it’s very nice for fans and everybody involved, journalists, but do not think only about yourself and thinking that the Premier League will miss Klopp, that Liverpool will miss Klopp. We know that, we know that is true.

"But he was missing his family, he was missing his own time, he was missing his sanity. So good for him. When I got the news, I was like: ‘Good for you.’”

Former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez, meanwhile, has revealed he 'knows something' that fans don't about Jurgen Klopp's impending exit from Anfield.

When asked about the news last month, he said: "I have an advantage, which is that I have people in Liverpool and also people at the club so, more or less, I know how it has happened.

"I only have positive words about Klopp, because he is my friend and I have a good relationship with him.

"He has done and is doing an enormous job. Everything I can say about Klopp and Liverpool is positive. I know something else from inside, and it has more merit than being there.

"He goes and speaks up [about his departure], giving the club time to reorganise, which, from another perspective, is also very German, because they do notify in advance, so it is not a shock.

"Let's hope Liverpool will do well for now and when another coach comes too. I hope the best for the club."

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