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Bukayo Saka's emotional reaction to Arsene Wenger's 'special message' before Arsenal vs Newcastle

Bukayo Saka's emotional reaction to Arsene Wenger's 'special message' before Arsenal vs Newcastle

A touch of class from Wenger.

Arsenal star Bukayo Saka had an emotional reaction to seeing a 'special message' sent over by his former manager Arsene Wenger before his side's fixture against Newcastle.

Saka made his professional debut for Arsenal the season after Wenger left his role as Gunners boss after almost 22 years in charge.

But Wenger placed great emphasis on Arsenal's academy as a way of developing first team-ready players - and Saka was certainly edging towards that category towards the Frenchman's final days at the club.

Since his senior debut in 2018, Saka has become the youngest Arsenal player to score 50 goals for the club since the Premier League replaced the old First Division as England's top tier.

The winger has received huge plaudits from across the football world for his achievement and, speaking to beIN Sports, Wenger added his name to that list.

He said: "The only thing I can tell you is from the noises I get out of the club - he is an exceptional person. His behaviour is impeccable.

"As a football player, he is top class. I like the fact that he takes responsibility in the big games, doesn't moan a lot, gets on with it, gets kicked a lot.

"I would like him to even more stand up against things, but he isn't scared of anybody. He tries until the last minute, he's disciplined, he's a key player.

"For me, he's exceptional. I hope Arsenal can keep him for a long time, because certainly he's an exceptional talent and an exceptional football player."

In an incredible piece of footage, beIN Sports then showed Saka the message that Wenger had sent to him - and filmed his live reaction.

You can see the reaction below as Saka watched the clip.

He said: "It means a lot. First of all, he's Arsene Wenger, so anything he says, you just listen straight away!

"He's worked with some amazing players over the years, so for him to say that about me is really nice. Thank you, I appreciate it so much.

"It does mean a lot because he knows, he's won at Arsenal before, he knows what it takes.

"It seems like from the stuff he's saying about me, he believes in me as a player and a person. It means a lot - I'm very grateful."

Featured Image Credit: beIN Sports

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