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Bukayo Saka was absolutely convinced referee should have given 95th minute penalty vs Bayern Munich

Bukayo Saka was absolutely convinced referee should have given 95th minute penalty vs Bayern Munich

Bukayo Saka and the Arsenal players thought they should've had a penalty in the dying moments.

Bukayo Saka cut a frustrated figure after referee Glenn Nyberg decided against giving the home side a last-minute penalty in their Champions League quarter-final clash against Bayern Munich.

The England international and his Arsenal teammates were convinced they should have been awarded a spot-kick in the final minute of the game, when goalkeeper Manuel Neuer made contact with Saka's leg.

"Does he catch him?" said TNT Sports commentator Ally McCoist. "I tell you what he does do... he throws his foot in. He definitely catches him but the wee fella puts his foot in."

McCoist, who was initially unsure about the call, added: "You know something. The referee might have just got that one correct because I don't think Saka needs to throw his leg into him."

You can see the incident in full below. What do you reckon?

The often calm and collected Saka was furious that he didn't receive a potential game-winning penalty following the incident, as was Mikel Arteta, who approached Glenn Nyberg at the full-time whistle.

TNT Sports pundit Rio Ferdinand was convinced Arsenal should have been handed the chance to make it 3-2. “I cannot believe that hasn’t been given," he said.

"That’s a clear penalty. I have my hands on top of my head. I’m in disbelief.”

Martin Keown, who was also on punditry duty, added: "Wow. I mean, from where we were, it was a penalty all day long. There is a suspicion that Saka puts his foot towards the ball but the movements from Neuer... he is going towards the ball."

Image credit: TNT Sports
Image credit: TNT Sports

Here's how fans on social media reacted to the incident.

One said: "Saka has the chance to take it round the keeper or shoot. Instead he tries to win a penalty by kicking the keeper," while a second wrote: "Never a penalty."

A third commented: "Bukayo Saka blatantly initiates contact. Not a penalty. But players initiate contact all the time and are rewarded for it. Many are hardwired to do so. The threshold for penalties needs to be high but too often it is not. An 80 per cent goal chance needs to have the highest bar."

A fourth added: "It’s a penalty. Was Saka looking for it? Who knows, it happened in a blink of a second. What I do know is that Neuer came for the ball and made clear contact denying a goal scoring chance."

Let us know your thoughts on the decision. This will certainly spark some debate.

Featured Image Credit: TNT Sports

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