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Oli McBurnie Shares Hilarious Hate Mail From Cardiff City Fan

Oli McBurnie Shares Hilarious Hate Mail From Cardiff City Fan

McBurnie was at Cardiff's most recent game against bitter rivals Swansea, McBurnie's former club.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

Oli McBurnie has taken to Instagram to share hate mail he's received from Cardiff City fans.

McBurnie was recently spotted at the Cardiff City Stadium watching his former club Swansea City take on their Welsh rivals.

The Sheffield United forward has since received abuse from 'Bluebirds' fans and posted one letter to social media.

Oli McBurnie

The message reads:

"You are a piece of s**t you want to grow up, don't go to Cardiff City again you could get your face kicked in you turd.

"Cardiff have fans all over the country so you could be a wanted man you piece of s**t.

"I hope you have a shit season and you get badly injured you're a child a pr**k an a**ehole you ugly."

Images of McBurnie in the crowd at January's 0-0 draw emerged on social media and showed him mixing it up with 'Swans' fans and making an obscene gesture.

The 23-year-old had received criticism for his conduct and his club were told to remind him of his responsibilities by the FA.

Blades boss Chris Wilder addressed the speculation and said he has no problem with his striker enjoying the game.

'That is that we've done. I've spoken to him after we received a letter from the FA talking about Oli's future conduct, which is quite right,' said Wilder.

'He didn't really go in camouflage disguise. I'll not mention the make of the jacket he had on, people have already spoken about it.

'We reminded him that he has a responsibility. He's a footballer and with social media and cameras everywhere you can't get involved. He must represent himself, more than anything, a touch better and he understands that.

'I think you're always on camera now. The coverage the Premier League gets, it exposes everybody and it goes into everyone's front room and we have a standard to set. I'm just so glad there weren't cameras about when I was playing football!


'But I can relate. There was a time when I was a player at other clubs, and when I was a manager at other clubs, that I would rush back to Sheffield to go and watch United, or away from home.

'I think it's refreshing that he wants to go and watch games of football. We just had a word with him on the other bit.

'The FA are red hot on stuff like that so for them not to take any other action speaks volumes for what it was. As far as I'm concerned we move on now.'

It's safe to say some Cardiff fans are yet to move on.

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