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Erling Haaland asked Thierry Henry for one piece of advice after Champions League final, it's great

Erling Haaland asked Thierry Henry for one piece of advice after Champions League final, it's great

Man City forward Erling Haaland jumped on the opportunity to ask Henry a question after Saturday's Champions League final.

He may have scored 52 goals in all competitions for Manchester City this season but Erling Haaland was desperate to ask Thierry Henry for a piece of advice after the Champions League final – and it sums up both his maturity and mentality.

Following their 1-0 win over Inter Milan on Saturday night, the Norwegian forward stood alongside CBS Sports regulars Kate Abdo, Micah Richards, Jamie Carragher, Peter Schmeichel and Thierry Henry on the Ataturk Olympic Stadium touchline..

The record-breaking Manchester City striker, who ended this season's European campaign as top scorer with 12 goals, spoke about the game in general. But arguably the most interesting topic of conversation came when he asked former Arsenal forward Henry a direct question.

He said: "If you would like to give me one [piece of] advice, what would it be?"

Henry was more than happy to offer some words of wisdom.

He said: "I said on air that in the box, there is nothing you can learn - what you do is second to none. But... back to the goal, going on to your right sometimes and making some runs that you don't want to go... there's some stuff that you can learn.

"But then you [Manchester City] are going to the quadruple if you do that! If he starts to go on his right and finishing with his right, the same run he makes on his left, it's over. He will score 100 goals per week."

After absorbing every grain of advice from one of the Premier League's greatest players, Haaland replied: "I agree - don't forget I'm 22. Think back to when you lot were 22. There's so much that you are going to learn.

"From when I signed from Dortmund to now there's such a big difference from so many things. From how I think after games, how I think before games, how I motivate myself, how I speak to others.

"You get experience through people and on the pitch. I agree - I can develop so much more."

Image credit: Twitter/CBS Sports
Image credit: Twitter/CBS Sports

Here's how fans on social media reacted to their fascinating interaction.

One said: "He's not selfish, he asks questions, he's willing to take advice, he's coached by the GOAT, he's confident without being arrogant. If he remains healthy, Halaand's stats will be so crazy our grandkids will think we cooked the numbers."

A second wrote: "His mentality is why he’ll go clear of Mbappe. Just won the treble and already thinking about how to improve next season. Terrifying," while a third commented: "Asks for advice to improve. Self-Aware. Humble. Good listener. That’s a mindset of a winner."

A fourth added: "Elite Mentality right here. Staying grounded. Respecting the legends who have done it before you in whatever capacity. And still looking for improvement areas at a stage where you have literally 'conquered the world'. I stan."

Thoughts on the above interview between Haaland and Henry? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@CBSSportsGolazo

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