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Eric Cantona offered to work for Manchester United in a new role, they said no

Eric Cantona offered to work for Manchester United in a new role, they said no

"I met him a few times. But they did not accept it!"

Eric Cantona offered to become Manchester United's 'president of football' - but he was turned down by club chiefs.

'King Eric' pitched the idea to former executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward a number of years ago and even had meetings discussing the job.

Cantona believes United have proven to be a money-making machine, but are lacking expertise when it comes to on-pitch matters.

Nothing came of it however and it's a role the former France international believes still needs filling at Old Trafford.

"Last year, I proposed to the club to change their way," Cantona told The Athletic in a recent interview. "Ed Woodward is great at marketing but not great at football.


"United should have a chairman and then they should have a president of marketing and then a president of football, who is in charge of all the decisions in football. So I proposed to them that I should be president of football.

"I met him a few times. But they did not accept it! I still think me or somebody else, they should have somebody for football. It should be somebody from the club, who knows football and the club."

United haven't won the Premier League since 2013, when Sir Alex Ferguson was manager. Cantona went on to claim the Red Devils have doubled their revenue in those nine years but not challenged for the top honours.

They've come second twice in those nine years, but both times they were miles off champions Manchester City.

Cantona, who is one of football's most colourful characters, continued: "Since Ferguson retired in 2013, the club doubled their revenue but didn’t win anything.

"So imagine if you succeed in football and also have great people in marketing, then instead of doubling the revenue, then you would treble it. But they do not understand that. The club spends a lot of money. But you have to spend it well.


"But they did not want me to be the president of the club! They did not want me! And the fans have to know that I went and travelled to Manchester to give them the opportunity to succeed in the next decades. And they did not want it."

Woodward has since left United and been replaced by Richard Arnold, with John Murtough becoming director of football.

Both men worked closely with new manager Erik ten Hag in the summer and signed six new players for a total of £216 million.

United have won their last four Premier League games and return to action against bitter rivals City on October 2.

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