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What Kieran Trippier was drinking after going down with cramp vs Serbia finally revealed

What Kieran Trippier was drinking after going down with cramp vs Serbia finally revealed

The contents of the sachet that Trippier drank during England's win has now been revealed.

Kieran Trippier went down with cramp during England's 1-0 win over Serbia against Euro 2024 - and the substance he subsequently drank has finally been revealed.

The England left-back signalled to the bench for medical attention towards the end of the second half, and briefly left the pitch for treatment.

While preparing to re-enter the action, Trippier leaned his left leg up against an advertising board in an attempt to stretch off the effects of cramp.

He was able to finish the game, and trained on Wednesday ahead of England's second group game against Denmark.

While he was receiving treatment in Gelsenkirchen, some fans spotted he was drinking an unidentified substance - with various questions about what exactly it was.

Kieran Trippier pictured drinking from a sachet during England's 1-0 win over Serbia (
BBC Sport)

That mystery appears to have been solved, with the Daily Mirror reporting that Trippier was actually drinking a shot of pickle juice.

It is said that the 34-year-old combined this with a high carbohydrate drink known as a 'fuel bomb', with both intended to lessen the effects of cramp.

Pickle juice is often used in other sports, particularly those where an athlete's endurance is tested over a long period of time, such as tennis.

It is said to stop cramping quicker than drinking water would.

Speaking to BBC Sport in 2019, sport nutrition and exercise metabolism senior lecturer Dr Mayur Ranchordas explained how it works: "Pickle juice contains sodium, potassium and vinegar.

"The obvious conclusion would be that it replaces sodium and salts lost when playing sport in a hot and humid environment like the Australian Open [tennis], thus preventing cramping.

"However, how it really works is that it triggers a reflex in the mouth which sends a signal to stop muscles from cramping. That's why it is drank at the onset of cramp."

Wimbledon champion Carlos Alcaraz drank pickle juice towards the end of his dramatic five-set victory over Novak Djokovic in the final on Centre Court last year.

His physio confirmed: "They are small bottles with pickle juice, plus salts and vitamins. He takes it as a prevention of possible cramps."

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Featured Image Credit: BBC Sport

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