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Five things we noticed in the new EA Sports FC trailer

Five things we noticed in the new EA Sports FC trailer

The much-anticipated game is due to be released in September

The much-anticipated trailer for EA Sports FC 24 has finally dropped.

After 30 years, it was announced that FIFA 23 would be the last game to carry the FIFA branding as EA Sports decided to unveil their first football video game, EA Sports FC.

Since then, fans have been longing for what the new game would look like and the differences it will have compared to FIFA.

After watching the new trailer, here are five things that we have spotted.

1. No Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

For many years, both Messi and Ronaldo were starring on covers and all promotional materials for the FIFA games.

However, in the new EA Sports FC trailer, the two superstars were nowhere to be seen.

Whilst it is unsure why, the fact that both players have moved away from European football could have played a part in EA’s decision to snub the two players.

2. Spelling mistake

The trailer included a narration to add an extra layer to the video.

However, a mistake has been spotted within the subtitles of the trailer. As Erling Haaland walks, the narrator says: “You can rep your childhood club.”

But in the subtitles, it says: “You can rep you childhood club.”


3. Christian Benteke same height as Lorenzo Insigne

During the trailer, both Benteke and Insigne were seen having a little chat inside a tunnel.

But, it has been spotted that Benteke, who is 6 ft 3 looked exactly the same height as Inisgne, who is only 5 ft 4.


4. Classic teams to return?

For a number of years, fans have been urging EA Sports to reintroduce classic teams within the FIFA franchise.

But classic and retro items remained something you had to pay extra for in the last few editions of the game.

However, the inclusion of the likes of Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Andrea Pirlo could signal that classic teams could well return in EA Sports FC 24.

5. Bukayo Saka’s game face

Now, we know this is a video game and there is no way the players will look exactly like they do in real life.

However, Arsenal star Saka’s game face is a point of concern.

Saka in the game looks miles off what he looks like in real life, a similar issue Arsenal players faced in FIFA 23.

One fan said: “EA lost the right for Saka’s face too? What happen?”


It has been reported that EA Sports FC 24 will be released on 29 September across PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@EASPORTSFC

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