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Peter Drury's Commentary For Liverpool's Goals Puts Martin Tyler To Shame, The Difference Is Enormous

Peter Drury's Commentary For Liverpool's Goals Puts Martin Tyler To Shame, The Difference Is Enormous

Peter Drury's commentary couldn't be more different to Martin Tyler's.

​The difference between Peter Drury and Martin Tyler's commentary for Liverpool's goals against Southampton is extremely telling. 

Liverpool came from behind to beat Southampton 2-1 to take the Premier League title race to the final day of the season. 

The Reds fought back to secure all three points thanks to goals from Takumi Minamino​ and Joel Matip following Nathan Redmond's opener. 

Image: PA
Image: PA

But the Sky Sports commentary for either of Liverpool goals failed to capture the moment of Jurgen Klopp's team keeping their league title hopes alive. 

Tyler delivered a fairly underwhelming description of Liverpool's goals, with their fans taking aim at the veteran commentator on social media. 

Unlike Drury, who provided an eloquent account of the goals from Minamino​ and Matip, perfectly summing up the importance of Liverpool's comeback. 

​Tyler's commentary for Minamino ​goal -

"Oh, it’s 1-1! And Minamino has returned to St Mary’s where he played last season on loan, with a very well hit equalising goal. He’s not overdoing the celebration​."

Drury's commentary for Minamino ​goal - 

"And Minamino has crashed it in for Liverpool! He meant that! They needed that!

"On a night of obligation, out of the shadows has stepped up Takumi Minamino to score a big one for Klopp and the Kop."

​Tyler's commentary for Matip goal -

"Oh. It’s an instinctive header that has just dropped in from Joel Matip. Just a reflex action.

"They’re checking whether the ball went out from the corner. Matip lent into it. What a strange goal. Matip thinks it’s his."

​Drury's commentary for Matip goal - 

"Tsimikas​ takes. And Liverpool lead! A kind ricochet, a remarkable reaction and Joel Matip has Liverpool where they need to be! And the travelling Kop bounces and Matip revels in his moment. Perhaps a moment of high good fortune. It matters little to him or them."​

Night and day. Drury's commentary exudes passion and paints a brilliant picture whereas Tyler lacks enthusiasm and doesn't do any justice to Liverpool's big win on the road. 

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports/YouTube

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