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Dele Alli ‘rule the world’ compilation at Tottenham proves we were robbed of a modern Premier League legend

Dele Alli ‘rule the world’ compilation at Tottenham proves we were robbed of a modern Premier League legend

The Englishman now plays for Besiktas in Turkey following a dismal spell with Everton.

There aren't many more obvious examples of unfulfilled potential in the modern game than that of Dele Alli.

The former Spurs and England man once had the world at his feet, having attracted interest from Real Madrid on the back of winning the PFA Young Player of the Year awarded not once, but twice. Such was the hype around Alli that he even had 90 potential on FIFA 19's career mode.

And yet, five and a half years on from his last EPL Team of the Season inclusion, the former Milton Keynes Dons academy graduate is struggling to start on a regular basis for Besiktas in Turkey.

While the recriminations over where it all went wrong for one of the brightest English talents of the past decade will rumble on, some fans have instead been reminiscing over how magnificent a player he was at his very peak.

At Spurs, under former manager Mauricio Pochettino, the attacking midfielder formed a deadly strike partnership with Harry Kane. Such was the potency of the Tottenham attack that they even pushed Leicester City in the 2016/17 Premier League title race, only to fall away at the very last.

For all that the side may have failed to win silverware, they were truly blessed by the talents of Alli - a player who was expected to go on and become one of the world's best midfielders.

Dele Alli at Tottenham , he was so special…

In case you forgot how much of a starboy the 26-year-old was, here's a compilation of his Spurs highlights that is well worth your time.

Set to the song 'Viva La Vida' by Coldplay, which includes the ever-poignant line 'I used to rule the world', its a bittersweet reminder of just how incredible young Dele was at his pomp. What's all the more remarkable about the compilation is the variety of goals that are shown.

He seemingly had a full repertoire when it came to finishing - including long-range strikes, headers, volleys and tap-ins. The streets won't forget in a hurry.

Dele Alli has struggled to revive his career in Turkey.

Other Twitter users couldn't help but make comparisons between prime Alli and some of today's teenage ballers, including Bayern Munich sensation Jamal Musiala and Barcelona starlet Pedri.

One user claimed: "Young Dele Alli might have been better than Musiala and Pedri…"

A second simply added: "I was so sure he was gonna be the next big thing" while a third remarked, "He had it all man, such a sad decline".

One fan even replied with a now infamous video from Amazon Prime's All or Nothing series, which filmed an interaction between then Spurs manager Jose Mourinho and Alli.

In the clip, the Portuguese manager could be seen telling his player not to have any "regret" over his approach to football, seemingly a response to the England international's approach to training sessions.

While Alli could be seen nodding along in the clip, it doesn't look like the conversation had tits desired effect, as his career has tailed off massively since 2019.

Dele Alli did not heed the warning of his former manager Jose Mourinho.

Time will tell whether he lives to regret some of the decisions he's made in his career, as for a brief moment in time, he really did rule the football world.

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Premier League

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