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Darwin Nunez heard motivating his Liverpool teammates in English after Jurgen Klopp concerns

Darwin Nunez heard motivating his Liverpool teammates in English after Jurgen Klopp concerns

Liverpool forward Darwin Nunez has been very vocal in pre-season training.

Darwin Nunez has clearly been working hard to improve his English this summer, with footage emerging of the Uruguayan forward motivating his Liverpool teammates in pre-season.

The 24-year-old forward, who signed for the Reds from Benfica last summer for a club-record £85 million, has previously stated his intentions to learn the language.

Back in August, he said: “As time goes by, I’ll be trying to learn English and then I’ll be able to converse more with the English-speaking players. I really do want to learn English."

But a few months later, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp publicly called on the Uruguayan striker to learn English so he could enhance his overall communication with the squad.

“His English is still not great if existing at all, which is not helpful," Klopp said in April.

"How can a striker shine if the team is struggling? But we’re working on it [his English]. This is a long-term project and he desperately wants to play."

One thing is for certain; Nunez's previously-limited English has improved massively in recent months. In fact, on day one of pre-season testing at Melwood, the Uruguay international was heard speaking the language on numerous occasions.

First off, he welcomed manager Jurgen Klopp in perfect English. "How are you?", Nunez said, to which Klopp responded, "I'm good you?"

Nunez, without hesitating, replied "Good good thank you".

And not long after that short conversation, the former Penarol striker could be heard motivating Joe Gomez and Joel Matip before they participated in the infamous lactate test.

Gomez's reaction after Nunez said "Finished holiday now guys... Come on!” was priceless.

Here's how social media reacted to the clip.

One said: "No idea why. But I’ve never wanted a player to succeed at this club more than Nunez. So this is good to see. Big season ahead for him," while another wrote: "It’s the way Gomez is actually shocked he’s speaking English."

A third commented: "There’s something hilarious about Darwin now knowing English and going round training not shutting up just to make sure everyone knows that he now speaks English."

A fourth said: "To go from little to no English to this in a short space of time shows his determination. The Premier League isn’t ready for him next season, my guy is gonna cook."

A fifth added: "I know it might seem the basics, but it looks like Nunez has gone away and smashed his language course. From Klopps interview, being slightly critical of him not picking English up, to this, shows he has the right attitude to succeed."

Do you think Nunez will find his form this season?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Liverpool FC

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