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Cristiano Ronaldo’s son produced hilarious reaction when told his dad was suspended by Man United

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son produced hilarious reaction when told his dad was suspended by Man United

Ronaldo made his feelings known during his interview with Piers Morgan.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son produced a hilarious reaction when told his dad was being suspended by Manchester United.

During his explosive interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo unleashed attacks on United, Ralf Rangnick, Erik ten Hag and former teammates including Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville.

When asked about his apparent refusal to come on as a substitute in last month’s match against Tottenham Hotspur which led to a three-day suspension. Ronaldo admitted he regrets leaving the stadium early, whilst revealing his son’s reaction to the news.

He said: “Piers I will be honest with you, it's something that I regret to leave from the stadium. Probably, or maybe no, I don't know. It's difficult to tell you 100% but let's say I regret it, but in the same way, I felt provoked by the coach. Not allowed for me, a coach to put me in three minutes in a game. Sorry, I'm not that kind of player. I know what I can give to the teams.”

Ronaldo added: “But I remember arriving home and Cristiano see me and say ‘Daddy do not go to the game?’ I say ‘No because the club punish me with three days. And he did like *laughs* ‘How they're going to punish you if you are the best player in the world and you're not gonna play?’ I said ‘No I'm not gonna play because I have not been behaving’. And he look at me like, ‘My Daddy not be behave, what?’

“In one way, I was good because I was like, more relaxed, but in the same way, I feel very disappointed because, okay, I regret, I apologise, I'm not perfect, I made a mistake. But suspend me for three games, for that, I think it's too much. And then they make fire for the press, which is really disappointing me.”

The Portugal captain continued: “Don’t tell me that the top players, the guys who want everything, the key players will play three minutes. Come on, this is unacceptable after what they keep saying before, that they respect me, that they do this, they do that. For me, it was not respect, and this is why I take this decision I regret. I apologised to my teammates for the situation, I did a post, on Instagram, and I regret to leave from the stadium.


“I regret my teammates know what I felt, and I said to them apologised, but in the same way, I do not regret to take the decision to not come on… The coach didn’t have respect for me. So this is why the relationship, it’s in that way. He keeps saying in the press that he counts on me, he likes me blah, blah, blah but that it’s only for the press. 100%.”

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