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Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his incredible physique as he passes his medical test in Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his incredible physique as he passes his medical test in Saudi Arabia

It looks like the star footballer is all ready to go at his new home at Al Nassr FC.

Cristiano Ronaldo looks like he's in peak physical form after passing his medical test in Saudi Arabia.

The star footballer touched down in the Middle Eastern country this week to much fanfare as he begins a new chapter in his career at Al Nassr FC.

But, it looks like he's being treated like every other athlete and had to perform a few tests to see if he was up to scratch.

The 37-year-old was seen on a treadmill with loads of nodes attached to his chest that were no doubt monitoring his output during the physical exam.

Standing with two thumbs up and a big, broad smile, Ronaldo says he passed.

Following the test, he was put through his paces on the field and it looks like he hasn't lost any steam since the World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo/Instagram

Footage from the shooting drill showed Ronaldo alongside former Benfica player Talisca during the training session.

Talisca’s first-time strike from a cross was blazed over the crossbar, but Ronaldo was much more clinical with his finishing.

Ronaldo received a short pass inside the box before turning and unleashing a wicked strike using his ‘weak’ left foot.

However, there was a little moment when he tried to showboat and it backfired massively.

Footage made the rounds on social media of what appears to be Ronaldo attempting a fancy backheel finish but missing the target entirely.

Posting in response to the footage, one fan said: “No way they’re benching Vincent Aboubakar for him.”

Someone else simply added: “Vicariously embarrassed.”

Another Twitter user commented: “That’s hella sad, to be honest.”

“Not even a day in that league and the fail comps already up,” a fourth fan wrote.

While a fifth tweeted: “I’ll never [forget] I went to the first pre-season [Manchester United] game when he came back. Did the same trick and missed just the same.”

There was also a bit of an awkward moment during his first press conference where he made a monumental stuff up.

The five-time Ballon d'Or winner was officially unveiled as an Al Nassr player and the world's cameras were trained on everything he said.

Ronaldo said: "For me it's not the end of my career to come into South Africa, this is what I want to change - and to be honest I don't really worry about what the people say."

Unfortunately for him, loads of people picked up the blunder on social media

Featured Image Credit: Crisitano Ronaldo/Instagram. Al Nassr FC/Instagram.

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