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Cristiano Ronaldo's explosive interview just got spicier, calls out the Glazers AND Gary Neville

Cristiano Ronaldo's explosive interview just got spicier, calls out the Glazers AND Gary Neville

Additional clips of Ronaldo's explosive interview with Piers Morgan has been released.

Cristiano Ronaldo has criticised the Glazer family, as well as Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville in new excerpts from his extraordinary interview with Piers Morgan.

The Manchester United forward shocked the world after sitting down for an interview with Morgan to discuss his treatment at the club.

Ronaldo's full chat with Morgan will air on Wednesday and Thursday this week, but several videos promoting the interview have been released on social media.

On Sunday, the five-time Ballon d'Or winner claimed he 'doesn't respect' United manager Erik ten Hag while also laying into other members of the hierarchy.

Supporters wondered if Ronaldo would have a say on United's controversial owners after alluding to the lack of improvements around Carrington since his first spell as a Red Devils player.

TalkTV host Morgan teased the 37-year-old did discuss the Glazers in their chat, which has also been documented in The Sun.

Ronaldo said: "The owners of the club, listen, they don't care about the club. As you know, Manchester [United] is a marketing club. They will get money from the marketing. The sport, they don't really care in my opinion."

He then went on to claim he hasn't spoken to the Glazers since returning to United in 2021. You can check out Ronaldo's comments on the Glazers below.

United supporters have protested against the Glazers as recently as August, during a 2-1 home victory over Liverpool.

When asked if they were correct to do so, Ronaldo replied: "The fans, they’re always right. I think the fans should know the truth, should know that the players, we want the best for the club. I want the best of the club. This is why I coming to Manchester United. This is why I love this club. But you have some things inside the club which don't help Manchester reach the top level as City, Liverpool and even now Arsenal, for example. Which is complicated, it's difficult. It's hard in my opinion, it will be hard for Manchester to be in the top of the game in the next two, three years."

Ronaldo then turned his attentions to former teammates Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville, who have publicly criticised the striker his season.

He went as far as blanking Neville during Sky Sports' coverage of United's 1-0 win over West Ham United last month.

Check out what he had to say about the duo in a snippet of the interview below.

When asked if Rooney's criticism was jealousy, Ronaldo declared: "Probably, because he finished his career in [his] 30s. So, I'm still playing high-level. I'm not gonna say that I'm looking better than him, which is true, but… It’s hard to listen [to] that kind of criticism and negative about people who play with you, for example, Gary Neville, as well."

Morgan replied: "Yeah, I mean, Gary Neville, you blanked him the other day on the pitch and he looked quite upset actually. Because he obviously likes being your friend, but he's been pretty critical of you as well…"

Ronaldo responded: "People can have their own opinions, but they don't really know what's going on.

Ronaldo was United captain during his last appearance, a 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa. (Image

"For example, inside the training ground and Carrington area or even my life - they should listen not only to one point of view, they have to listen to my point of view as well. Because it's easy to criticise. But if you don't know the whole story, it's easy."

As Morgan asked if they were his friends, Ronaldo interjected: "They are not my friends."

Ronaldo scored 18 goals in the Premier League for United last season, who finished sixth with their lowest-ever Premier League points tally.

The club will consider its response to Ronaldo's interview when it has aired in full.

Featured Image Credit: TalkTV, Gary Neville & Alamy

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