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DR Congo women's footballers chase referee and brutally beat him up in chaotic clip

DR Congo women's footballers chase referee and brutally beat him up in chaotic clip

A women's football match between DR Congo sides DC Motema Pembe and TP Mazembe descended into chaos as players disagreed with the referee.

A video of a referee being chased down and beaten up by a women's football team in DR Congo has gone viral.

During a game between DC Motema Pembe and TP Mazembe, tensions seemed to boil over after a refereeing decision didn't go one team's way.

Motema Pembe were losing 5-1 when the referee failed to award them a penalty after an incident in the box, which the players didn't seem to take well, as you can see in the video below.

The players were furious in seeing the decision go the other way, aggressively chasing after the referee as he ran desperately across the pitch to seek safety.

The team finally got hold of him and started beating him with a combination of punches and kicks, though the referee is not in view during the video while this is happening.

Stadium staff attempted to aid the referee, managing to stop one enraged player, who had picked up a metal bucket, presumably to use it as a weapon.

The referee managed to slip away down the tunnel after being beaten for a while, but the determined Motema Pembe players continued to chase him into the tunnel.

Stadium staff tried to help the referee, even stopping one player who had picked up a metal bucket.

According to news outlet GhanaWeb, the Congolese Football Association suspended the players who were involved in the incident, with an investigation being opened into the shocking incident.

Social media users were shocked at the violent outbursts from the players, with some even calling for lifetime bans on the players.

“CAF should step in immediately,” one reply said. “This errant team should be completely disbanded."

“The players involved in this disgraceful act should never have to play professional football again. Everyone involved should be made to pay in one way or the other.”

Another user tweeted: “This is shocking! And an embarrassment for football”

While a third said: “Such despicable and disgusting behaviour”.

There has not been an update from the Congolese Football Association as of now, but the consequences for DC Motema Pembe are expected to be severe. It is not known yet if FIFA have decided to step in.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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