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BBC forced to cut away from message on homemade FA Cup sign during Wrexham vs Sheffield United

BBC forced to cut away from message on homemade FA Cup sign during Wrexham vs Sheffield United

Cameras panned to the home fans in the FA Cup clash but realised the x-rated message and cut away.

The BBC were forced to quickly cut away from an x-rated message in Wrexham's thrilling FA Cup fourth round clash against Sheffield United.

In the 27th minute, the camera panned to some home fans in the Racecourse Ground and one had a handmade FA Cup sign. The self-crafted trophy replicas are regularly seen at the cup ties and all looked innocent on the surface, with the footage looking like a nice feature on the coverage.

However, the sign, which was shown up close and live, had a hidden flap revealing an anti-government note which read, 'f*** the Tories'.

After a few seconds, the camera operator appeared to realise the gaffe and then the lens was fixed on the pitch.

But the BBC, who were done by a porn noise prank for Wolves' tie with Liverpool, were unable to stop the home supporters from singing the same very same sentence loud and proud in their entertaining 3-3 draw.

Wrexham fans voicing their disdain for the conversative government comes after striker Paul Mullin was banned from wearing custom boots with 'F*** the Tories' printed on them.

Mullin, who scored against Sheff United, is from Merseyside and played for both Liverpool at Everton at academy level.

Ahead of a clash with Halifax, Wrexham distanced themselves from the political message.

"The Club can confirm that the boots revealed by Paul Mullin on social media will not be worn tonight, or in any other Wrexham AFC fixture and that the photographs taken at the Racecourse Ground were done so without our knowledge or approval," the club statement reads.

"For the record, the pictures wouldn’t have been permitted to be taken, had we known, and the issue will be dealt with privately by the Club.

"The Club has adopted a neutral position on many matters with a political dimension and intends to continue to do so going forward."

Against the Blades, Wrexham's top scorer wore boots with a message raising awareness for autism after his son was diagnosed with the developmental disability.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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