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Footage showing Beth Mead being handed ‘Guest’ sign by Arsenal fans is absolutely brilliant

Footage showing Beth Mead being handed ‘Guest’ sign by Arsenal fans is absolutely brilliant

She is a class act.

Footage of an Arsenal fan handing Beth Mead a ‘Guest’ sign has gone viral after her Ballon d’Or snub earlier in the week. 

On Monday, Mead attended the 2022 Ballon d’Or awards ceremony with her partner, Vivianne Miedema. The England star was beaten to the award by Barcelona’s Alexia Putellas, who has gotten her hands on the award two years in a row. 

However, the moment that caught people’s eyes was the fact that Mead was referred to as Miedema’s ‘guest’ in a photo of the pair taken before the ceremony.

Miedema reacted on Twitter, she wrote: “Happy I got to take my guest yesterday.” Whilst Mead simply replied with “LOL”. 

Mead and her Arsenal teammates were in action in the Champions League on Wednesday night and after helping her side to a 5-1 victory over Lyon, Mead was handed a sign by a fan that read: “Guest Mead’s on fire.” 

She smiled and thanked the fans before posing with the sign for pictures. She then started dancing as the fans started to chant her name. You can watch the footage below.

Mead is for sure a fans’ favourite and she definitely deserves all the love she receives from fans as she continues to put in stellar performances for both club and country.

The 27-year-old bagged a brace after scoring just before halftime and also in the 69th minute. After the match, she spoke about the week she has had from the Ballon d’Or to Champions League glory.

She said: “Footballing wise it ranks pretty high. Really honoured to be nominated for the Ballon D’Or, never mind finishing second and yes, coming here against the Champions League champions and winning quite comfortably, you can’t get better than that.” 


Mead also spoke about the development of the team. She added: “I just think the team has developed from last season. We’ve learnt a lot, and I think the character you can see is a lot different in the way we play, how brave we are on the ball, we believe in the system, we believe in the process that we’re doing and there’s a good understanding. 

“We haven’t changed much from last season but the on-pitch understanding now is a lot better than it was.” 

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@MiloFilm

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