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Aaron Ramsdale uses TierMaker to rank football's biggest wind-up merchants

Aaron Ramsdale uses TierMaker to rank football's biggest wind-up merchants

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has ranked football's biggest wind-up merchants.

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has ranked football's biggest wind-up merchants, featuring appearances from Richarlison, Diego Costa and of course, Jose Mourinho.

The 24-year-old England international has been known to be a bit of a wind-up merchant himself.

Back in October, Ramsdale could be seen fist pumping and sarcistally applauding Leeds fans after Arsenal clinched a 1-0 win at Elland Road.

And a few weeks later, he was at it again, when he was seen sticking his tongue out and laughing at Brighton fans who ceremoniously broke out into chants of "w****r" at the Amex.

Ramsdale, who has previously revealed a genius method of putting off a striker when taking a penalty, has now been asked to rank football's biggest wind-up merchants by ESPN, with some incredible results.

Here's his explanations:

Jamie Vardy

"He's one of the GOATS I think. Is he a master or a wind-up? No he's a master. Well, he smashed up a corner flag when he scored past me in the last minute. Thanks for reminding me about that."

Emiliano Martinez

"It's a difficult one because obviously at the World Cup he did everything [to put people off], but other than that, he's not too bad. Wind-up merchant, Emi."

Sergio Ramos

"He's a GOAT as well, isn't he? I reckon a lot of this is going to be GOATS. They're just so good at slowing down the game and making it difficult for you."

Image credit: Twitter/@ESPNUK
Image credit: Twitter/@ESPNUK


"I'm just going to go 'pain in the backside' to be a bit different. I think the others are a little bit cuter with it. He would just jump on the floor for no reason if he wanted to time waste."

Diego Costa

"I've got to play Wolves again... wind-up merchant. He's probably one of the best ones."

Luis Suarez

"Cheeky scally. It speaks for itself. I think he winds people up when he scores more than anything. He's still got his dark arts but I think over time he's mellowed a bit."


"Why are you laughing? What's funny? Wind-up merchant. He knows how to get under people's skin and sometimes it's to his advantage and sometimes it's not. It can either bite you in the bum or work in your favour and I think there has been times when it worked in his favour, so yeah. I think he's a wind-up merchant."

Ramsdale goes on to rank his own manager, Mikel Arteta, in the TierList before picking Bruno Fernandes, Jose Mourinho and himself.

Thoughts on the rankings? Would you personally change any of his picks?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@ESPNUK

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