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Alabama has an extremely random most popular football team

Alabama has an extremely random most popular football team

Every American state's most popular football team was revealed and Alabamans have some real explaining to do over their 'choice.'

You might think that anyone who likes football in America would be obsessed with the Premier League's biggest clubs, but you'd be wide of the mark.

There is little doubt that the Premier League is the most popular league in football, whether or not it's the best or most entertaining is a whole other debate.

The prices that tv companies pay in order to show the league, throughout the world, is what drives the incredible spending clubs in England's top tier have in the transfer window.

And it's also exactly why clubs across Europe wanted to set up the Super League, in order to get in on that kind of cash, that their own leagues don't generate.

The league's 'Big Six' certainly helps with the worldwide popularity, with fans all over the globe following Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Manchester United.

So it wouldn't be too much of a surprise to see those teams, or Europe's other big clubs, being well liked over the 'pond' in America.

One graphic started going viral that showed each states' most viewed football team website, and there's not too many surprises, with the Premier League's usual suspects joined by others in the league, as well as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Wrexham also feature, which is understandable with their rise in popularity thanks to owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, as well as their Disney + show.

However, there has been surprise over the fact that in Alabama, the most popular team is apparently Championship side Hull City.

The map of the US. Image: Twitter
The map of the US. Image: Twitter

"Can someone tell me the link between Hull City and the state of Alabama," on fan queried.

"Alabama ranks like 50th in Education here. I don't know if much more needs to be said," one American rather harshly suggested.

One came up with a theory about American Football college side West Alabama Tigers, saying, "Must be a Tigers thing. Both places have sport teams names that."

Another suggested that perhaps the fact that there is a Kingston in Autauga County, Alabama, might be why they have a connection.

"They misspelled ‘Hell," a fifth quipped.

No one seemed to have an answer with any concrete evidence however, leaving us all pondering what is going on in Alabama that makes them all interested in Liam Rosenior's side.

Hull City, big in America. Image: Alamy
Hull City, big in America. Image: Alamy

In typical Championship fashion, the Tigers find themselves 16th in the second tier at the moment but are closer in points to the play-offs than the relegation zone.

They were knocked out of the FA Cup by Premier League Fulham at the weekend, so they can focus on trying to get promoted and becoming even more popular in America.

MLS lost the biggest name in their league on Monday, with Gareth Bale retiring from football, just a few months after joining Los Angeles FC.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Alamy

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