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Lewis Hamilton snaps at F1 journalist with X-rated answer over Ferrari switch

Lewis Hamilton snaps at F1 journalist with X-rated answer over Ferrari switch

Lewis Hamilton will be moving to Ferrari in 2025.

Lewis Hamilton snapped at a Formula 1 journalist with an X-rated answer after being asked about his move to Ferrari.

Back in February, it was confirmed that Hamilton will leave Mercedes for Ferrari ahead of the 2025 season.

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion is set to partner Charles Leclerc for the Italian team.

Since the 2024 F1 season began, Hamilton has often been asked about his imminent move to Ferrari.

After the Japanese Grand Prix earlier in the month, Hamilton stormed out of an interview after being asked about his future.

Speaking ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix, Hamilton was annoyed by another question about his new team.

He said: “I don't feel like I need my decision vindicating. I know what was right for me, and that hasn't changed since the moment that I made the decision.

“There has not been a moment where I questioned it, and I'm not swayed by other people's comments. Even today, there's people continuing to talk s**t and it will continue on for the rest of the year.”

Hamilton added: “And I'll have to just do what I did the previous time. Only you can know what's right for you and it will be an exciting time for me.”


When asked about his retirement plans, Hamilton said: “I am not the oldest driver here. I am going to be racing for quite some time still so it is good [Alonso] is still around.

“Fernando is one of the best drivers we've had in the sport so for him to continue to be here and continue to have the output he's had just shows what is possible.”

The Brit continued: “And shows the new era of athlete, what the human body can do and continue to do if you nurture it.

“I never thought I would be racing into my 40s. I'm pretty sure I said I wouldn't. But life is such a crazy trip. I don't feel 40. I generally feel great.”

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