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Fans slam 'disgraceful' Lewis Hamilton rating compared to Max Verstappen in the new EA F1 game

Fans slam 'disgraceful' Lewis Hamilton rating compared to Max Verstappen in the new EA F1 game

Fans have questioned the decision to downgrade Hamilton.

Formula 1 fans are not happy after seeing Lewis Hamilton's F1 24 driver rating as the latest installment of the EA series is set to release this week.

EA Sports releases a F1 game on an annual basis, with players getting the opportunity to simulate driving the fastest race cars on the world's most iconic tracks.

The game is so popular some players even spend upwards of thousands of pounds on a simulator-like setup with a steering wheel and foot pedals to create the best possible experience.

Ahead of the release of this year's edition, the driver ratings have been announced by EA and it's fair to say they have caused a stir, particularly the rating of Mercedes' Hamilton.

Unsurprisingly Max Verstappen tops the driver rating charts with an overall of 96, however, his 2021 title rival has suffered a significant downgrade from 92-89.

This puts Hamilton below Fernando Alonso, and on par with his future teammate Charles Leclerc whose rating is also considered 'too low' by fans.

Hamilton has endured a difficult start to the season in 2024, being outqualified by George Russell on all but one occasion so far this season.

The full F1 24 driver ratings via EA Sports

Max Verstappen- 96

Fernando Alonso- 92

Charles Leclerc- 89

Carlos Sainz- 89

Lando Norris- 89

Lewis Hamilton- 89

George Russell- 87

Sergio Perez- 87

Alex Albon- 85

Oscar Piastri- 84

Pierre Gasly- 84

Esteban Ocon- 83

Daniel Ricciardo- 82

Nico Hulkenberg- 82

Yuki Tsunonda- 81

Kevin Magnussen- 80

Lance Stroll- 80

Zhou Guanyu- 80

Logan Sargeant- 70

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen- Getty
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen- Getty

Fans of the game have been quick to show their frustration over the 7-time World Champion's rating on social media.

One fan commented: "Lewis is a 7-time champion! His rating is utterly disrespectful."

Another was astounded Hamilton was ranked at the same level as Lando Norris: "Okay 7 seven-time world champ is below someone who won a race for the first time a few weeks ago(not hating but that’s ridiculous)."

A third added: "Hamilton being seven ratings lower than Verstappen is an absolute crime."

Featured Image Credit: EA Sport F1 24

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