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People are only just realising why darts players always look to the left during matches

People are only just realising why darts players always look to the left during matches

Why do the players look left during darts matches?

The reasons why professional darts players always look to the left during matches have been revealed.

Over the years, the popularity of darts has grown massively, this year, the rise of teenage sensation Luke Littler has played a huge part in the sport’s growth.

The 17-year-old from Warrington announced himself to the world during the 2024 World Darts Championships at the Alexandra Palace, London.

Whenever matches are broadcast on television, it has been spotted that darts players tend to look to their left whenever they need to celebrate or vent their frustrations.

According to YouTuber Matthew Edgar, the reason behind that is due to two main components.

As explained by Edgar, the VIP section of the crowd is placed to the left of the oche, meaning the players’ family and friends are likely to be gathered in that area.

As a result, when celebrating, players tend to look for their loved ones, who are most likely on the left-hand side of the stage.

Another reason is the placement of cameras, Edgar said: “We always look left in terms of one, because of the cameras and because of the family and friends section we already spoke about.

“And two, is we always move right because we need to make sure we are not blocking the camera shots. And if you are exiting the wrong way, it is something the referees can call you up on and remind you that you have to be exiting to the right. So if you do go the wrong way the refs will call you up on it.”

Last week, Littler won successive Premier League Darts nights after winning 6-3 against Gerwyn Price in Manchester.

Speaking after the match, Littler spoke about using Manchester United’s result against Chelsea as motivation.

He said: “I was in a bad mood. I was like, 'I'm winning this now'. It gave me motivation. There were a few Manchester United fans on the walkout so I was glad to win.

“I'm glad I won. I've definitely settled into it [the Premier League]. The first five or six weeks, I won then lost and lost. I've grown in confidence.”

Littler added: “There's still six weeks to go, but I'm sure if I keep getting two or three points a week I will get into the play-offs.”

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Sky Sports

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