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Netherlands cricketers admit to completely 'ripping off' AFL team's song

Netherlands cricketers admit to completely 'ripping off' AFL team's song

It’s fair to say they’ve turned it into a wonderfully creative rendition.

The Netherlands cricket team has revealed they have completely ‘ripped off’ the Richmond Tigers’ team song.

And it’s fair to say they’ve turned it into a wonderfully-creative rendition.

The Dutch T20 team captured a win over Zimbabwe earlier this week, claiming their first win of the Super 12 stage.

So the celebrations were well earned, and what better way to celebrate than with a chant of their own?

However, keen listeners could hear a familiar tune blaring out - the infamous ‘We’re from Tigerland’.

Netherlands coach Ryan Campbell even admitted that they took complete inspiration from the AFL team.

He told Triple M: “There is a fantastic song that we’ve brought in over the last four or five years.

“It’s actually a rip off of the Richmond Tigerland song. The orange and blue.”

While the lyrics stay relatively the same, there are some key differences that the Dutch side has implemented to make the tune their own.

They’ve replaced ‘Oh we’re from Tigerland’ with ‘Oh we’re from Netherlands’.

Makes sense.

They’ve also gone and switched up the line ‘We never weaken til the final siren’s gone’ to ‘We never weaken til the final ball is bowled’.

I mean that one is pretty creative.

And of course, they’ve said goodbye to ‘Yellow and Black’ with ‘Orange and Blue’ reigning supreme.

You have to give credit to Richmond and many AFL teams, they’ve put together some absolutely cracking tunes to soundtrack a mammoth victory.

The Dutch team weren’t tipped to make the Super 12 stage of the competition but did so with a huge effort.

Unfortunately, this stage of the tournament will signal their send-off as they can’t mathematically make the top two with just one win from four so far.

However, coach Campbell says cricketing nations are keen to get more opportunities to play against top-tier teams as they have done in this tournament.

He said: “We all know the ‘Big Three’ (Australia, England, India) get all the cash and rightly so.

“I think for us, it’s our duty to leave the game in a better place than when it started. And to do that you need to grow the game.

“We all know the 12 full members — that’s Afghanistan and Ireland included in that and they’re growing the game in their countries.

Action Plus Sports Images / Alamy

“But I think we have an obligation to build places we have not really been before. The USA, Nepal, Scotland, Namibia, us (the Netherlands).

“They’re great stories and we probably haven’t been given enough opportunity. I know the fixture lists every year are extremely busy, I understand that. But somehow we need to grow the game.

“If someone comes on tour they’re going to tour England. Maybe they should be dropping into the Netherlands and playing their warm-up games instead of playing a county team who has no interest in playing.

“Come in, play the Netherlands, play Scotland. We want to take it to places where it’s never been before.”

I’m sure everyone would love to hear the ‘Orange and Blue’ chant more often.

Featured Image Credit: @cambo_19/Twitter.

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