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7-foot boxing icon Nikolai Valuev called up to fight for Vladimir Putin's Russia

7-foot boxing icon Nikolai Valuev called up to fight for Vladimir Putin's Russia

It's understood the man mountain has spent the last 10 years hunting Bigfoot.

Vladimir Putin has reportedly called up a number of big-name figures in Russia to join is army, including the tallest and heaviest world champion in boxing history.

That's right, according to reports, 7-foot Nikolai Valuev has received a tap on the shoulder to fight for Putin's Russia in the war with Ukraine.


But to make things even stranger, it looks like Valuev will have to put a secret side quest on hold with the Daily Star claiming he has spent the last 10 years of his life trying to track down Bigfoot through Siberia.

"Valuev did not manage to meet the yeti itself but on the way, he discovered 'traces' such as broken tree branches," a Russian government press release read.

"By the time they reached the cave, the expedition saw gigantic footprints, similar to a human's."


During his prime, Valuev weighed a whopping 149kg and was considered one of the scariest human beings to ever grace a boxing ring.

That was until British star David Haye picked him apart in their 2009 grudge match, known as 'David Vs Goliath'.

The Russian man mountain hung up the gloves in 2009, boasting a record of 50 wins and just two losses.

Now, over a decade on from his fight with Haye, and Valuev is 49 years of age and happily retired.

Well, until now, it seems.


Despite having major mobility issues given his size, Valuev - who now works in politics in his home country - has still been poached by Putin to join the fight on the frontline against Ukraine.

"In my opinion, everyone has received a summons, I also received a summons," he told Russian language publication Izvestia. "Will I go? Of course, I will go to the enlistment office now."

He added: "My colleagues are good, they were registered for military service in the State Duma and received summons here, but I have to go home.

"I received the summons right before my trip to Donbas, and I was not at home.

"Next week I will definitely go and report to the enlistment office."


Valuev's call-up comes shortly after ex-Premier League star Diniyar Bilyaletdinov was pinched by Putin to fight with the Russian president scrambling to recruit an additional 300,000 troops to his army.

It looks like Bilyaletdinov, who used to ply his trade for Everton received a summons similar to Valuev's.

"Diniyar really received a summons," his dad Rinat confirmed to

"It is difficult to talk about emotions, because he did not serve, although he did military service, but it was specific, with a sports bias. It was 19 years ago.

"That is, yes, he took the oath, but served in the sports line. The law still says - to call people up to 35 years old, and he is 37, so there is some kind of inconsistency here.

"Now he will find out whether this agenda is correct or whether it was sent early. Anything can happen."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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