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When Mike Tyson Made Opponent Andrew Golota Quit In-Between Rounds

When Mike Tyson Made Opponent Andrew Golota Quit In-Between Rounds

Tyson's onslaught of punches was too much for his opponent to handle...

Jack Kenmare

Jack Kenmare

If you look back at Mike Tyson's remarkable career in boxing, a fight in the early 00's against Polish heavyweight Andrew Golota will stand out as one of the most bizarre.

'Iron Mike' was on a winning streak at the time after returning from a 15 month ban related to biting Evander Holyfield

In fact, heading into his highly anticipated bout against Golata, he had beaten Orlin Norris, Julius Francis and Lou Savarese in relatively straight forward fashion.

It was set to be another easy win for Tyson at The Palace arena in Michigan and he didn't disappoint in the early stages, dominating in the opening round.

Image: Showtime/YouTube
Image: Showtime/YouTube

Tyson eventually proved his dominance by flooring Golata with a trademark right hand, a blow that shook the Polish heavyweight.

The Olympic bronze medalist managed to get to his feet, but that powerful hook had done some serious damage.

Golata looked shaken in his corner as trainer Al Certo gave him some encouraging words but the fighter could be heard saying: "Stop the fight!" on two occasions.

Image: Showtime/YouTube
Image: Showtime/YouTube

Despite his worrying admission, Golata would fight a second round against a dangerous Tyson but once again, the helpless fighter struggled to contain his powerful style.

Golata still managed to stay standing, however, and his trainer, Al Certo, remained positive in the corner at the end of round two.

But after such an onslaught, he decided it was time to quit.

Certo can be heard shouting "get out there!" and even tried to push in his mouth piece, but the Polish fighter refused in a quite remarkable scene.

Minutes later, on his way to the dressing room, fans angrily pelted various items at Golata as he left the arena.

Golata's trainer, Al Certo, apologised for calling his fighter a "quitter" after the bout.

"I made several comments criticizing my fighter, Andrew Golota, for his decision to not answer the bell for round three," Al Certo said in a statement.

"At the time of the stoppage I was unaware of how injured my fighter was."

"It has now come to my attention that Andrew suffered several injuries. Obviously, a fighter's health takes priority over continuing a boxing match."

Golata had suffered a concussion, a fractured left cheekbone and a herniated disc during the fight, and left boxing for three years afterwards.

Meanwhile Tyson had tested positive for marijuana and as a result, his victory was overturned to a no-contest.

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