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No Context Eddie Hearn Goes Viral And Is Branded ‘Best Twitter Account To Ever Exist’

No Context Eddie Hearn Goes Viral And Is Branded ‘Best Twitter Account To Ever Exist’

No Context Hearn creator Andy told SPORTbible that he felt Eddie Hearn “would be the perfect person to use” for his Twitter parody.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

A parody no-context Twitter account themed around Eddie Hearn has become a viral sensation and boasts over 40,000 followers in less than 11 days since it launched.

No Context Hearn tweets different clips of the 40-year-old Matchroom chief, who has spearheaded some of the biggest shows in boxing over the last few years.

And fans have now flocked to Twitter to hilariously caption the out-of-context videos featuring the famed boxing promoter.

Andy, who wished to keep his second name anonymous, created the parody account and told SPORTbible he had noticed the no-context accounts "were taking off on Twitter" and felt Hearn "would be the perfect person to use."

But the No Context Hearn creator also said the reaction to the account has been "absolutely ridiculous."

He continued: "The account's just a few hours short of being ten days old, but it's achieved 5.4m impressions and I must be getting over a thousand quote tweets or mentions per hour. The account's nearly broken my phone [laughs]."

To put into perspective how popular the account is, Andy told SPORTbible at the end of our exclusive interview that he had picked up "another 1,000 followers" since we initially reached out to him two hours earlier.


And Andy is well aware of the tough task he now faces with managing the account daily.

According to Andy, it is "impossible to keep on top of all the tweets now" and he must carefully handpick the best quote tweets to retweet.

He explained: "I try to retweet the best quote tweets every couple of hours, but I'm wary I'm missing so many."

But the time-consuming work of filtering through the tweets hasn't stopped Andy from seeing the funny side of people's humour.

"In the past couple of days, I've spent a fair few hours reading what everyone has been quote tweeting -- they have had me in stitches of laughter," he admitted.

Andy said that he told a "couple of mates who have decent size accounts on Twitter" about the popularity of No Context Hearn.

But he insisted that not even "they [could] quite get their heads around how viral it's gone."

Just like anybody who sets up a parody account based on a celebrity, they'll start to question if the person in question has noticed what they are doing.

And Andy claims that Hearn has seen his account and is supposedly a fan of his work.

He said: "I spoke [to] Dan Canobbio from CompuBox about the account and he mentioned he had shown Eddie and that he's a fan of the account."

Andy couldn't be happier that the Matchroom boss, who is the promoter for Brit superstar Anthony Joshua, has seen the comedy value of his work.

"I'm glad he's taken the account in the manner it was intended," he said.

"It's sent a fair few extra followers his way, too."

No Context Hearn has successfully taken off since its launch and some fans have continued to see their tweets pick up like wildfire after Andy fires a retweet their way.

One Twitter user, Carl Stevenson, posted: "The best account on Twitter bar none! Been in stitches since yesterday. @EddieHearn must be loving this."


A second, George, tweeted: "@NoContextHearn is quite possible the best Twitter account to ever exist. Impossible not to laugh at every tweet."

While Morgan wrote: "I'm fully addicted to the @NoContextHearn account."

And Harry Brimson added: "Please do yourself a favour and follow @NoContextHearn. Honestly the funniest account on Twitter."

While No Context Hearn is popular for now, there is always the fear that a viral account can become stale or eventually lose its charm.

But for Andy, he said that he has plenty of content to keep him going forward and wants to use the account so long as people find it entertaining.

"Hard to say now, but Eddie has so much material I could go on forever," he said.

"I guess I'll keep going until the laughter stops. The feedback from people has been great.

"It's been a good laugh putting a smile on so many people's faces."

Featured Image Credit: PA/Twitter

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