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Fan Calls Mike Tyson's Face Tattoo 'F***ing Ugly' Without Knowing He's Stood Behind Him

Fan Calls Mike Tyson's Face Tattoo 'F***ing Ugly' Without Knowing He's Stood Behind Him

The fan was given the shock of his life.

An unsuspecting Mike Tyson fan got the shock of his life when the heavyweight champion popped up next to him moments after he called the former heavyweight world champion's face tattoo "f*****g ugly".

In a Jimmy Kimmel Live skit, Tyson was seen surprising fans on the street, one of whom was asked what they thought of the fighter's iconic tribal face tattoo.

Thankfully, no ears were harmed in the making of the clip, despite the man saying Tyson's ink makes him look like he's been "badly slapped in the face".

When asked by an interviewer: "What do you think about Mike Tyson's face tattoo?" the fan responded: "I think it’s f*****g ugly. I mean, I think his face looks better without it."

The camera then cut to Tyson, who was waiting in a nearby hotel room and could be heard uttering an expletive.

The fan continued: "It looks like someone slapped him in the face badly."

He's then asked: "Do you see any possibility that you would ever get a tribal face tattoo like Mike Tyson?" as Tyson was seen creeping up behind him.

"No man," said the fan, before Tyson, now standing next to him, quipped: "I wish somebody would slap me in my face."

Mildly terrified, the fan told Tyson: "Hey Mike," before starting to stutter and trailing off.

Tyson made another fan scream when he snuck up behind her after she said Conor McGregor would beat him in a fight.

As Tyson crept up behind her, she continued: "I don't know. They both have the aggression. I'm gonna have to go with Conor cause he's Irish though."

By this point, Tyson was standing right next to her, although she'd yet to realise she was standing centimetres from one of the world's most famous fighters.

The interviewer then said: "Alright, tell him," prompting her to turn to Tyson and let out a scream, the only sensible reaction to Mike Tyson appearing out of thin air.

Tyson recently revealed he is up for fighting Jake Paul.
YouTube/Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

While Tyson hasn't stepped into the ring since 2020, when he took on Roy Jones Jr, the heavyweight champion has hinted at a comeback, recently revealing he'd be up for fighting Jake Paul.

Last month, Tyson sat down with his Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson podcast co-host Sebastian Joseph-Day and Joe Rogan for an episode, and the trio discussed rumoured fights.

Reflecting on the prospect of fighting Paul, Tyson said: “I love that. Sounds good" before adding excitedly: "Let's do it, Jakey. God, wouldn't that be cool?"

Words by Aisha Nozari.

Featured Image Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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