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‘Leaked script' suggests Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight is 'rigged'

‘Leaked script' suggests Jake Paul and Tommy Fury fight is 'rigged'

Former UFC fighter Mike Perry, the stand-in, has leaked a "script" for Jake Paul's fight with Tommy Fury.

The back-up fighter for the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury bout has caused huge controversy by leaking a "script".

Bitter rivals Paul and Fury meet in a huge clash in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday evening as they finally let the fists do the talking.

There have been many claims in the past that Paul's fights, which have predominantly against MMA fighters, are rigged for him to win.

And former UFC fighter Mike Perry has caused a stir before his biggest fight by leaking a script-type document.

Perry, 14-8 in MMA, is the stand-in opponent should one of the fighters not be able to step inside the squared circle for the eight-round contest.

Writing, "What's happening?", he took to Twitter to post a picture of a piece of paper which had the order of proceedings but bizarrely included a 'fight result'.

As per the file, Paul will walk out in a baby outfit trolling Fury and his other half Molly-Mae Hague over the birth of their newborn daughter.

Fury is to come out to the boxing favourite 'Sweet Caroline' by Neil Diamond and wear a tribute attire to his family.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

But it then includes information as to how the fight is slated to pan out and who will be in the driving seat for specific rounds. It's claimed Fury will suffer an eye injury from the fourth round onwards, which will eventually result in a TKO victory for Paul.

The document, also shared by Conor McGregor's teammate Dillon Danis, reads; "In the final round Paul lands huge right hand that sends Fury crashing to the canvas. Fury tries to get up but he stumbles and falls back down. The referee starts the count but Fury stays on the ground, clutching his eye.

"The ringside doctor rushes in to check on Fury, but he waves him away.

"Tommy shall then act out an eye injury that forces the referee to call off the fight, declaring Jake Paul the winner by TKO."

According to the 'script', Paul and Fury will argue post-fight before the former calls out long-time foe KSI and set up a rematch in Los Angeles.

Image: Alamy
Image: Alamy

Of course, many were questioning the legitimacy of the script and how on earth these events could possibly play out.

One user wrote: "It’s someone trying to manipulate betting markets… fake as."

A second weighed in: "If they could script Fury's eye swelling so bad it has to be checked by a doctor, they deserve all the awards. This is dumb as f**k."

Another opined: "How does one scriptedly go about getting their eye so swollen that a ringside doctor needs to step in to take a look at it?

A fourth set the record straight by commenting: "1. Troop Boxing Promotions doesn’t exist let alone is involved with this fight. 2. How do you script an eye literally swelling shut. 3. 'Rematch in LA'. Tommy can’t enter the US.

Anthony Taylor, Paul's sparring partner and a former opponent of Fury's fumed: "That’s some petty B***h s**t for you to be posting that!!!! That’s not cool at all. You know damn well this is a Legit fight! Don’t play the fans with this BS crap!!!"

Featured Image Credit: Alamy & Twitter/@PlatinumPerry

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