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Jake Paul catches NFL player sliding into his girlfriend's DMs and calls him out for having 'no game'

Jake Paul catches NFL player sliding into his girlfriend's DMs and calls him out for having 'no game'

Eagle-eyed viewers have already worked out who he's referring to.

Jake Paul appeared to catch an NFL player sliding into his girlfriend's DMs and he didn't look too pleased about it.

In a video posted online by his recently-launched app betr, Paul can be seen going through his partner's phone.

We're not entirely sure why, but it seems his girlfriend Julia Rose gave him permission to do so.

As he scrolls through, the YouTuber-turned-boxer then stumbles across a familiar name in her message inbox.

"We've caught a player in Julia's DMs. Does anyone know who... is?" he says to the camera as the name is bleeped out.

Clearly shocked, everyone in the room then gives a surprised reaction with some even giggling in the background.

Speaking to someone off camera, Jake then asks: "That's your favourite player?!"

Paul's partner then grabs the phone and says: "He just sent you with this. What does that mean?"

Julia Rose then imitates the emoji of the crossed index and middle finger.

"[Does that mean] you tied? I don't know," Jake replies.

"That's what I'm saying, they have no f**king game."

The content was pretty light-hearted and probably just a bit of fun.

That was until eagle-eyed social media users did some lip-reading and worked out who the NFL player is.

Every single top comment on the Instagram video featured one name.


While another added: "Deebo shooting his shot."

As a third joked: "Tristan Thompson."

If you look closer at the clip, it's pretty clear that Paul mouths the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver's name.

As for Paul's boxing career, he's still without an opponent after his fight with Hasim Rahman Jr fell through.

There have been rumours swirling as to why the bout was cancelled at the last minute, although UFC commentator Joe Rogan claims to know the real reason why.

“Most likely it was canceled for numerous reasons,” Rogan said on his podcast.

“[Weight issues] may have been one of them, but the allegations I’m hearing are that they sold so few tickets that it would be a real problem financially.”

He added: “They had only sold a million dollars worth of tickets. If you want to turn the lights on in Madison Square Garden, it costs half a million dollars. You have to sell a lot of tickets if you want to make some money at MSG.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/betr

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